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QA Specialist I (Product Safety Specialist) - Dunkirk, NY


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Job Description



1. Food Safety Compliance through development and implementation of programs, policies, and procedures.
2. Safe and environmentally correct application of pesticides and herbicides including proper documentation.
3. Active involvement in the sanitary design of equipment.
4. Management of internal monitoring devices utilized for insect and rodent control.
5. Inspect and provide technical support for the facility and local outside storage facilities with regards to overall Food Safety.


1. Assist in the leading the facility (in conjunction with the QA Manager and the Product Safety Team Leader) toward compliance of all Food Safety related requirements. This includes leading teams and initiatives on own.

2. Be licensed and certified as a Pest Management Professional in the appropriate categories for New York State. Assist in managing the use and control, including storage of all restricted use Pesticides, Fumigants, and Cleaning Chemicals at the factory/plant

3. Be fully qualified on the use of heat in pest control and assist in the management of the factory/plant heat program

4. Perform constant management / maintenance of all monitoring devices for insect and rodent control such as pheromone traps, Ketch-Alls, bait stations, glue boards, and mite traps.

5. Assist in the management of inspection, heat treatment and pesticide application associated with and without plant fogging and fumigations, as well as trailers involved with customer shipments, product returns, and shuttling.

6. Maintain records associated with all pesticide and herbicide applications.

7. Assist in the inspection and management of the food safety compliance of all third-party facilities of which the factory is responsible.

8. Manage all records, required by Nestlé Purina, regulatory organizations and laws, pertaining to Master Sanitation, Food Safety, Bio-Security, Pest Control and Chemical use at the factory.

9. Function as a resource in the development, coordination and administering of Sanitation practices as directed by the Nestlé Purina PetCare Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures, Food Safety, Bio-Security, Pest Control, and Chemical use practices at the factory.

10. Develop and administer a continuously improving internal inspection program both internally and at third-party facilities, including the Sanitation Work order process.

11. Provide timely feedback to the responsible parties for the sanitary condition and storage of product and supplies in external storage facilities the plant is responsible for.

12. Develop and administer a follow up mechanism with each department as a means of ensuring compliance to the Sanitation, Food Safety, Bio-security, Pest Control and Chemical Procedures, including third-party facilities.

13. Assist in the training of employees in Food Safety, Bio-Security, HACCP, Good Manufacturing Practices, Sanitation, Chemical use, General Use Pesticide use, trailer/railcar inspection programs, internal daily, weekly and monthly compliance inspections of all areas of the factory/plant and external offsite storage facilities, or any other pertinent topic.

14. Work directly with the engineering and maintenance departments on Sanitary Design of equipment and modifications prior and during installation, as well as post-installation as needed.

15. Assist in the management of the factory HACCP program as requested.

16. Assist in the development and management of the factory Bio-Security programs, internally and on a vender level.

17. Assist in the coordination of cost effective treatment plans and schedules for all departments to comply with the GMP’s.

18. Set an example and serve as the Ambassador of Good Manufacturing Practices throughout the factory/plant and field.

19. Provide plant-wide training as appropriate and continually drive for improvements in plant food safety programs.



EDUCATION: High School Diploma or equivalent
Proficiency with PCs and computer applications and programs
Basic Quality Assurance and HACCP programs
Basic knowledge of mechanical equipment

EXPERIENCE: 1 year experience in sanitation
3 year experience in the food industry
Effective oral and written business communication skills
Good interpersonal communication skills
Sound judgment and decision making skills
Good analytical and problem solving skills

Job: QA Specialist I (Product Safety Specialist)

Primary Location: Dunkirk, NY US


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