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Hero Nutritionals made vitamin history by inventing the first vitamin in the form of gummy bears! In 1997, we invented Yummi Bears, the first and still the best gummy vitamin on the market. Hero Nutritionals adheres to the same values in their team that they infuse all of their products with: innovation, quality, purity, and potency.


Day-to-Day of Food Scientist:


  • Proof formulas and recipes for all gummy products
  • Prepare prototype samples
  • Evaluate and improve flavor profiles
  • Adapt formulas and processes from the bench top to production line
  • Formulate gummy products with exceptionally high hedonics, but simultaneously consider critical technical issues such as: food safety, food stability/shelf-life, cost, nutrition, scalability, etc.
  • Work with ingredient suppliers, especially flavor and colorant producers to source and select appropriate materials
  • Oversee start-up batches, adapting formulas and processes, as required
  • Contact vendors and suppliers for latest technology, ingredients and solutions
  • Assist in scale-up of products developed on the bench top

Testing and R&D

  • Understand and assist with the design experiments based on criteria and objective of the project
  • Conduct data analysis and provide interpretation and technical recommendations
  • Conduct basic analytical testing (pH, TA, water activity, moisture, etc.) to support product development work
  • Complete assigned research and development projects within specified timelines
  • Conduct function and/or sensory evaluation on ingredients, flavors and finished products
  • Identify and assist in solving complex technical problems related to the development, manufacturing, and/or improvement of products and processes
  • Ingredient functionality research, including technical knowledge of food processing, process optimization and its relationship in controlling a final productís key attributes
  • Maintain accurate project information, formulations, and specifications
  • Write product specifications and project status reports
  • Obtain ingredient documentation and other certifications, as required
  • Order and maintain inventory control of laboratory supplies and samples
  • Organize and maintain all R&D documentation
  • Assist with writing SOPís for R&D Laboratory Functions
  • Source ingredients for bench-top lab work
  • Develop and maintain relationships with ingredient suppliers

Job Type: Full-time


  • Food Scientist, formulation in gummy/jelly applications: 2 years (Required)


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