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Food Quality Control Manager - Drexel Foods, Inc. - Philadelphia, PA






Quality Control Department

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Drexel Foods, a premier producer of the philly beef and chicken steaks since 1996.We are looking for an Experienced Food Quality Control Manager that will oversee all quality and safety initiatives within the manufacturing plant.


To maintain written programs on HACCP, SSOPís, SPS, and PRPís to comply with USDA/FSIS regulations and Third Party Audit requirements for plant operations.Completes necessary verification procedures to ensure programs are successfully implemented.

Qualified candidates will possess the following:

         B.S in Food Science, Microbiology or related field.


         5 + years of quality assurance or quality control experience in a food production facility.


         Knowledge of Federal regulatory requirements and compliance.


         Overall management and implementation, coordination, monitoring, verification, validation, reassessment, pre-shipment review, record keeping, review and maintenance of the establishmentís sanitation, SSOP, HACCP, and other sanitation, process control, sampling and testing programs, systems, and plans, as required by and consistent with the FMIA/PPIA, the Meat & Poultry Inspection Regulations and Third Party Audit requirements.


         Computer skills using software such as Microsoft Office Suite and others.


         Oversee the effective implementation and execution of the HACCP system, including determinations for pre-shipment review.


         Take corrective action, as defined in FSIS regulations, for any deviation or noncompliance related to the plantís sanitation and food safety programs.

  • Plans and develops SSOP/HACCP related procedures and systems.
  • Implementing the HAACP program.
  • The ability to enforce Drexel Foods, Inc. food and safety standards as outlined in the plants HACCP Standards and maintain the required documentation.


         The ability to develop, document, implement and monitor the food safety process to ensure product safety is maintained.


         The ability to work as a liaison with USDA staff.


         Leadership and demonstrated ability to communicate with plant management, sales and the financial management staff any potential food safety concerns or risks.


         Must have complete certification status as a Certified Food Safety Manager.


         HACCP certified.


         Maintains the SSOP/HACCP computer system which contains all necessary product identification and safety information.


         Researches and reports on food safety related customer complaints.


         Take positive control of any manufactured or stored product which is believed to be adulterated, misbranded or otherwise unsafe.


         Make decisions concerning product disposition, including product destruction.


         Recall any potentially adulterated or misbranded product that has reached any distribution channel.


         Make decisions concerning product labeling.


         Recommends and/or assists in the development of new methods and SSOP/HACCP plans and pertinent changes when applicable.


         Monitors and strives to maintain good employee relations through a thorough knowledge of company policies and procedures. Enforces company rules and regulations fairly and consistently.


         Ensures that company products and procedures meet established regulatory requirements of the USDA, FDA, EPA, and state and local health agencies.


         Participates in Food Safety Continuous Improvement Process.


         1 to 2 years of HACCP program administration experience.


         Strong analytical skills


         Thorough knowledge of industrial meat & poultry processing.


         Self-motivation, creativity, a positive attitude and a sense of humor.



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