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Research & Development Technician - 17690 Ė Salem, OR
Snyder's-Lance, Inc.





Job Summary

The Research & Development (R&D) Technician is responsible for the support of Research and Development (R&D) initiatives by supporting product development projects from concept to commercialization.  Responsibilities include formulation of new products, conducting product testing, preparing R&D samples and managing plant trials.


Essential Job Duties

         Develops new products and innovations through all stages of product introduction (concept, bench-top, sensory testing, plant trial, commercialization, shelf life, nutritional verification) while staying within specified parameters (cost, label claims, targeted flavor and customer profiles) at all manufacturing sites. This includes taking the lead in selecting, designing ingredients and process parameters.

         Drafts test plans for R&D projects that will be executed in a lab/production environment.  This includes deciding processing parameters, scheduling arrangements and prioritization working with plan management and corporate planning group.

         Determines when bench work and trial work are on track with the project goals, making adjustments to process and/or ingredients to address the issues present.  Works closely with suppliers and have the authority to manage them to ensure receipt of ingredients that meet our project goals while communicating with the performance feedback and recommendations

         Creates prototypes and executes experiments to support R&D evaluations. 

         Manages R&D sample documents.

         Assists in facilitation of in-house and contracted sensory testing, including management of sensory panel samples and standards; and sets up, cleans up, and supports sensory evaluation meetings.

         Facilitates and manages production tests to successfully meet project objectives.  Supervises production line resources when conducting trial work and will have temporary responsibility for directing manufacturing site staff to support testing plan and direct them on required analytical work to execute

         Conducts trial work in lab or plant environment owned by the company or by a co-packer or supplier including the authority to adjust process and or ingredients to achieve the intended goal of the work.

         Evaluates the finished product against targets and goals for taste, texture, and other nutritional requirements

         Works with suppliers to tap into their resources for direct ingredient needs or use of their R&D resource

         Provides Technical Services and troubleshooting support to Operations and Quality Assurance which provides technical direction and improvement to the operation

         Investigate, analyze, and execute new product/process improvement and cost savings opportunities. Make recommendations to immediate management of the opportunities

         Records, analyzes and reports data to meet project objectives. 

         Coordinates organization, storage of equipment/materials and clean-up of R&D facilities.

         Performs various administrative duties, such as sample management, data entry, and shipping.

         Monitors competitor products and development activities.

         Adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), and Safety Regulations consistently.

         May perform other duties as required.


Scope of Responsibility  

This job exercises discretion and independent judgment in new product development, prototypes, experiments, samples, evaluations and innovations.  It operates with a moderate to high level of autonomy.


Knowledge and Skill Requirements

         Knowledgeable of working within a laboratory environment.

         Knowledgeable of food manufacturing, quality and food safety systems, sanitation, allergens, SOPís and safety protocols.

         Effective computer skills using Microsoft Office products.

         Ability to accept and interpret direction competently and professionally.

         Ability to perform tasks independently and as part of a team to accomplish goals.

         Effectively manage priorities and dynamic deadlines.

         Self-motivated, flexible and positive in a fast-paced business environment.

         Efficient time management and communication.

         Ability to utilize problem-solving and analytical skills.

         Effective data collection and analysis skills.

         Basic food science knowledge.

         Ability to build on otherís ideas.

         Technical writing and effective communication skills.

         Flexible and positive in a fast-paced business environment.

         Ability to work in accordance with safety and food safety policies.

         Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality.

         Interpersonal and team skills for working with employees at all levels within the company.

         Ability to work in an environment with medium level safety risks.

         Effective English language literacy; oral and written communication skills.


Education and Experience

Bachelorís Degree in Food Science and Technology; a minimum of 1 year of experience in food manufacturing is required. Salty snack and non-genetically modified organism (GMO) project experience preferred.


Travel Required

Travel required 20-30% of the time.




 - R & D/Quality

Primary Location

 - United States-Oregon-Salem


 - Mktg, Innovation, R&D_Innovation Center(D1960)


 - Full-time

EEO Disclosure - Snyderís-Lance is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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