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Natural Resource Specialist 3 (Food Safety Inspector) - Tillamook, OR
State of Oregon




Salary $4,339.00 - $6,340.00 Monthly


Location Tillamook, OR

Job Type Permanent


Department Agriculture-Food Safety & Animal Health Programs

Job Number AG17-0036

Closing 7/24/2017 11:59 PM Pacific









Oregon Department of Agriculture is currently recruiting for one Natural Resource Specialist 3 to join our Food Safety & Animal Health and Identification Program Area.


This is a permanent, full-time, classified position, located in Tillamook, Oregon. This recruitment will be used to establish a list of qualified applicants to fill the current vacancy and may be used to fill future vacancies as they occur.


The goal of this recruitment is to fill the position at a Natural Resources Specialist 3 level. However, we encourage candidates who meet the minimum qualifications for a Natural Resources Specialist 1 (Food Safety Trainee) to apply, as we may consider under filling this position until the selected candidate meets the minimum qualifications for a Natural Resources Specialist 3. Under fill training will not exceed two years.


This program exists to support the agency's interrelated threefold mission: to provide agricultural market development, to protect agricultural natural resources, and provide consumer protection and food safety. Specifically, the Food & Animal Health Program Area is responsible for human food safety and animal food safety. The division has threefold purpose: 1) Food Safety programs exist to assure Oregon citizens a safe, wholesome, properly labeled and protected food supply. These programs are responsible for administering nine separate statues that regulate food, dairy and shellfish industries and their production and distribution. Staff inspect approximately 10,200 food establishments and sample food products throughout the state of Oregon. These establishments include bakeries, retail grocery stores, warehouses, food & dairy processing plants, beverage plants, dairy farms, meat operations and locker plants. 2) Animal Health programs include the Feed Program which insures the quality of all animal feeds marketed in Oregon through a rigorous testing program. The Animal Health Laboratory is responsible for all diagnostic testing for animal diseases which may effect Oregon food supply. 3) The State Veterinarian for the State of Oregon is the chief livestock disease control official of the state. The State Veterinarian provides leadership in addressing Oregon's animal health concerns, and fulfills the department's statutory disease control responsibilities. This program analyzes, develops, implements and maintains services to assure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, and monitors the services provided by the division to the various industry groups and citizens of Oregon. The State Veterinarian is also responsible for effective communication with the livestock industry, the consuming public and the veterinary profession. In addition, this position oversees emergency response during disasters involving animals of this state and oversees Animal Health Laboratory operations.


Duties & Responsibilities

A Natural Resources Specialist 3 (NRS3) inspects retail food establishments, food processing facilities, dairy farms and facilities, and shellfish, egg, and meat processing plants, among others. An NRS3 inspects equipment for compliance with State and Federal regulations, investigates consumer complaints, performs facility plan reviews, and reviews food packaging and labels for compliance with regulations to ensure a safe, wholesome food supply. Activities performed by an NRS3 include: licensing, inspection, sampling, education, plan review, and technical support to control and improve food safety and food handling practices.


Duties include:




Plans for and performs inspections in food establishments--with an emphasis on dairies and dairy plants (approximately 50%). Steps in an inspection process include, but are not limited to: scheduling, travel (local and overnight), file review, site inspection, review of processing records, creating inspection reports, verbal review of the report with a member of the establishment's management, regulatory action, and follow up.


Conducts consumer complaint investigations and takes appropriate action, including, but not limited to: consulting, cease and desist orders, product embargo, and closure. Recommends and implements other actions appropriate to the situation.


Conducts inspections to ensure compliance with requirements of State drinking water standards when sanitary surveys or water sample test results indicate a need.


When warranted, conducts follow-up inspections to ensure that violations have been removed, and the establishment is in compliance with all applicable requirements.



Collects dairy, shellfish, and food samples including, but not limited to: fluid milk and dairy products, shellfish meats, and water.


Packages test samples according to proper controls and ships or delivers to lab.

Interprets lab results for compliance with state and federal standards.


Explains interpretation of lab results for industry personnel and gives recommendations for any necessary corrective action.


Initiates enforcement actions when lab results indicate a violation of standards or when they indicate that public health is threatened (i.e., presence of a pathogen or toxin level which may result in an illness).


Conducts follow-up inspections at establishments that merit further process review or training.

Reviews plans for compliance and fills out survey forms for new private water systems.


Reviews package labels for compliance with Federal and State labeling laws. Performs FDA contract inspections of selected firms as directed.



Reviews and evaluates complex facility plans and applications for compliance with applicable State and Federal laws for food establishments. Comments in writing on adequacy or deficiency of proposed plans, and either grants or denies approval.


Reviews and evaluates food establishments' programs for sanitation, product handling, pest control, adulteration, product standards compliance, and HACCP programs (where applicable) in addition to any other areas that may affect the safety and marketability of food products.


Reviews proposed Program projects, policies, and programs. Provides feedback.



Takes enforcement action including, but not limited to: degrading farms, cease and desist orders, product embargo, sanitation warnings, and closure. Recommends and implements other actions appropriate to the situation. Conducts follow-up inspections to ensure compliance with requirements.



Conducts foodborne illness investigations in coordination with the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) and County Health Departments. Researches characteristics, symptoms, and possible path of infection of suspect organism(s). At the direction of the DHS, conducts interviews with infected person(s), makes a site inspection, draws conclusions, writes reports, and communicates with State Epidemiologist.


Other duties as assigned.


Working Conditions: 1)Will traverse over wet floors, climb ladders, crawl under, over and into equipment and machinery 2)is required to safely and appropriately lift packages, equipment and materials weighing up to 50 pounds; 3) will be exposed to livestock, animal waste, loud noises, extreme temperatures, and wet conditions; 4)drives a State-provided vehicle to inspection locations. Overnight travel required.


Qualifications, Required & Requested Skills


Minimum Qualifications


Natural Resource Specialist 3 level ($4339-$6340):

You must be licensed as a Registered Environmental Sanitation Specialist with the State of Oregon Environmental Health Registration Board. Requirements for admission to the Registered Environmental Sanitation Specialist examination and registration are:


A baccalaureate degree with a minimum of 45 quarter hours, or equivalent semester hours, college level science courses related to Environmental Sanitation; AND a minimum of twenty-four months acceptable experience in environmental sanitation under the supervision of a registered environmental health specialist or a person possessing equal qualification as determined by the Environmental Health Registration Board.


NOTE: To receive credit for all required/related coursework, a photocopy of transcripts is required to be attached.


NOTE: To receive credit for Registered Environmental Sanitation License, a photocopy of the license is required to be attached.


Natural Resource Specialist 1 level (Food Safety Trainee) ($3129-$4545):

You must be eligible to register and obtain registration as a Sanitarian Trainee with the State of Oregon's Sanitarian's Registration board at time of hire. Please visit the Oregon Health Licensing website at to determine your eligibility to become registered as an Environmental Health Specialist Trainee. Requirements for admission to the examination and registration for Registered Sanitarian Trainee are: (1) a baccalaureate degree with a minimum of 45 quarter hours, or equivalent semester hours in science courses related to Environmental Sanitation; OR (2) a minimum of 15 quarter or equivalent semester hours, of college level science courses related to environmental sanitation and have at least 60 months experience in environmental sanitation under the supervision of a registered sanitarian registered in Oregon. You must submit an approval letter from the Oregon Health Licensing office on or before your start date indicating that you meet the requirements to be registered as a trainee, and you must register as a trainee within one week of hire.


NOTE: To receive credit for all required/related coursework, a photocopy of transcripts is required.


Additional Information


To apply for this position, follow the "Apply" link above to complete the Oregon Employment Application online. All application materials must be received by the closing date/time posted.



Resumes will not replace the completed "Work Experience" section in your online application. Be sure to indicate your experience based on a 40-hour workweek. (Example: 20 hours a week for one year would equate to six-months full time work experience.) You may be disqualified if your work experience does not include information used to: 1) meet the minimum qualifications of the job and 2) back up your answers to the supplemental questions.



Employment with the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture may be contingent on the outcome of a DMV check. Driving records will be reviewed for finalists applying for positions which require driving as an essential function. By submitting your application, you authorize the Department to conduct a DMV check.



If you need assistance with adding attachments to your profile or to a specific job posting, please go to Adding and Removing Attachments to a Profile and Job Posting for further instructions. This quick help guide can also be found on the State Jobs Page by clicking in the Applicant E-Recruit FAQs then click on Applicant Profile Maintenance.



Only complete applications will be considered. Be sure to answer all supplemental questions and attach any required documents. Responses to the "Supplemental Questions" will be reviewed to determine if you will be invited for an interview for the position. Transcripts must be submitted to receive credit for higher education coursework (official or unofficial at the time of application).


If you are an eligible veteran and you meet the minimum qualifications, veteran's preference points will be added to your score. To receive veteran's preference points you MUST attach to your electronic application the following required documentation:A copy of your DD214/DD215 form; OR a letter from the US Dept. of Veteran's Affairs indicating you receive a non-service connected pension for the five (5) point preference.

A copy of your DD214/DD215 form; OR a letter from the US Dept. of Veteran's Affairs indicating you receive a non-service connected pension; AND a copy of your veteran's disability letter from the Dept. of Veteran's Affairs for the ten (10) point preference.


For more information on veteran's preference points visit and select veteran's preference.



The state of Oregon requires all applications have a valid email address. Communication to applicants from Oregon Department of Agriculture may occur via email, letter, or telephone.


If you do not currently have an email address and do not know where to go to get one, please refer to our Applicant E-Recruit FAQs web page, question #14, to view several internet providers where you can get a free email account. The state of Oregon does not endorse any particular provider.


The pay and benefits on all announcements may change without notice.


If you have a disability or otherwise require an application in an alternate format in order to complete the process, you may contact:


Oregon Department of Agriculture

Human Resources Office

635 Capitol St NE

Salem, OR 97301

Phone (503) 986-4584


Oregon Department of Agriculture is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.



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