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Research & Development Technician
Confidential [Manufacturing- Food] - Springfield, IL




General Duties

The Research and Development Technician (RDT) reports directly to the Director of Operatiosn and provide support and assistance to both the Quality Assurance Department and the Production Department. The RDT will also work with Purchasing and Sales in completing the necessary work to develop new products.

Essential Job Function s

The Research and Development Technician (RDT) helps to monitors the overall operational quality of the facility, and the quality of products produced by evaluating the product for product integrity, taste, size, shape, color, weight, volume and uniformity. The RDT also performs make-up of proprietary ingredients. The RDT is also responsible for testing new flavors and new product before being released to the production floor.

The RDT also assists with with the costing of newly developed products and also the

kosher certificates.

Product Testing

In the absence of the Quality Control Manager, the RDT is responsible for performing lab testing on retained samples from production. This occurs on a daily basis, and must be completed before product is approved for shipment. Other testing will include various product checks.

Sales Support

In the absence of the Quality Control Manager, the RDT provides support to the Sales department in several ways. The RDT will secure and ship sample product per requests from the sales department. The RDT may also provide product handling training to sales staff, customers or others. The RDT will also research customer product issues and report on the findings.


Lab mixers, plant equipment, Personal Computers and certain computer applications.

Physical Efforts

This position requires that a person be able to speak clearly and otherwise communicate effectively. The RDT must be able to move through the lab and R & D areas to perform tasks and communicate with the others. Due to the nature of dough and dough products the RDT must posses an acute tactile sense to evaluate the dough development.

Mental Ability

The RDT must be able to read, write and comprehend English. The RDT must be able to add, subtract, multiply, divide and figure percentages both on and off of a machine.

The RDT must posses or develop an understanding of modern bakery production techniques and practices.

The RDT must be able to read, and analyze detaiedl production process information, relating to all aspects of the production process.

The RDT will have knowledge of confidential information such as formulations and production practices. The RDT must be able to recognize what is confidential information and not divulge this information without approval of top Company management.

Accountability & Effectiveness

The RDT will report directly to the Quality Assurance Manager . The RDT will be expected to work without close supervision. The RDT must be able to follow direction and complete tasks and projects within the designated time frames, as well as work with other individuals inside the Company.

Job Type: Full-time

Required experience:

  • food manufacturing: 5 years


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