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QA / R&D Manager

1722 South Fremont Drive, Salt Lake City, UT

Uinta Brewing Co.




Position Summary:

The QA / R&D Manager is responsible for overall development, implementation and maintenance of Uinta Brewing Company’s Quality Management System (QMS). Additionally, performs and/or assists in various phases of Research and Development and recipe formulation activities. The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable in laboratory practices, food safety programs, technical recipe design and development, as well as proficient in brew house, cold block, yeast, and filtration operations.

About Us:

Uinta Brewing Company (Uinta), named after the only major east-west running mountain range located in the continental U.S, embarked upon its mission of brewing world class, full-flavored, craft-brewed beer in 1993. Since 1993, Uinta has created exceptional, authentic and delicious beer ranging from 4.0% to over 13% alcohol by volume. The Uinta team comprised of outdoor and beer enthusiasts, brews a wide variety of beer to appeal to today and tomorrow’s beer drinker.

Essential functions:

·         Ensure that Uinta’s Quality Management System conforms to customer, internal and regulatory/legal requirements.

·         Responsible for CoA’s evaluation and verification of incoming materials, ensuring that they meet requirements.

·         Manage the monitoring, measurement, and review of production processes, especially those that affect the quality of the organization’s products.

·         Lead a team of 3 quality technicians, auditors and analysts.

·         Work with customers, employees and benchmark companies to develop product requirements.

·         Ensure that product specifications are properly designed based on process capability analyses and instrument uncertainties.

·         Report to top management on the performance of the QMS (e.g., Process Quality KPI and Product Quality KPI, results of quality audits, corrective actions), including the need for improvement.

·         Conduct periodic quality review meetings with the production team.

·         Oversee product recalls.

·         Develop and Maintain a Self-Audit Program related to Food Safety (e.g. GFSI).

·         Develop a program for internal SOP audits and/or operational check lists.

·         Responsible for accuracy of and timely inspection/calibration of monitoring and measuring devices.

·         Research continuously on standards, regulations/laws, issues, and news with respect to product quality and food safety.

·         Develop and maintain a sensory program. The average score must be considered during Quality KPI calculation

·         Schedule pilot brews that will provide valuable information during new product development.

·         Work with Brewmaster to formulate new recipes that meet New Product Development committee (NPD) requirements.

·         Manage NPD projects using Project Management Tools and submits weekly reports to senior management on status.

·         Participate in the yearly NPD brainstorming session to come up with ideas for new products to be launched next year.

·         Responsible for maintaining inventory and schedules for barrel aged beers.

·         Manage the inventory of R&D batches and create appropriate batch logs.

·         Manage inventory of new raw materials, spices, herbs, flavorings, extracts, etc. used in R&D process.

·         Work with Procurement, Logistics and Sales to ensure timely shipment samples of new products to sales reps and other pertinent parties.

·        Delivers final beer recipe to production to ensure appropriate hand off from R&D to production. Recipes include raw material quantities, time, temperatures, dosing rates, etc. Further ensures that recipes and related Standard Operating Practices are signed off by the Brewmaster.

·         Research continuously on new market trends, supplier’s R&D processes, PI scores and innovation news.

·         Perform new concept taste panels with customers and/or key employees. Consolidate the results in a presentable form.

·         Champion Uinta’s Safety Handbook - ensuring a safe and productive work environment for all employees, through an active role in the Uinta Safety Committee.

·         Promote continuous improvements, suggesting innovation of products and processes that will have a positive impact on quality, cost, productivity or staff.

·         Measure and control Return on Investment of innovation processes and NPD projects.

·         Be an ambassador for Uinta.


Job Competencies:

·         QUALITY – Is attentive to detail and accuracy, is committed to excellence, looks for improvements continuously, monitors quality levels, finds root cause of problems, and acts expediently to resolve quality problems.

·         TEAM COORDINATION – Manages work groups with diverse influences toward accomplishment of specific goals, works for consensus, turns team diversity into an advantage, and anticipates and resolves conflicts.

·         MANAGING FOR RESULTS – Sets challenging and productive goals for teams, keeps teams accountable for actions, provides leadership and motivation, advocates for resources and support, uses checkpoints and data to track progress, and sets up systems and processes to measure results.

·         JUDGMENT & DECISION-MAKING – Recognizes problems and responds systematically, gathers information, sorts through complex issues, uses reason, weighs alternatives, considers organizational resources, seeks input from others, addresses root cause of issues, makes rational and timely decisions, and communicates decisions to others.

·         INITIATIVE – Acts on opportunities, seeks out new responsibilities, tackles problems and takes independent action, generates innovative ideas, originates action, practices self-development, and maintains an elevated level of interest and enthusiasm for job responsibilities.



·         Candidates must be 21 years of age or older.

·         Minimum of 5 years of experience in the brewing industry

·         Background in wort production, cellar operations, general brewery work, general production work, food processing, and/or science coursework is required.

·         Background in laboratory activities and procedures is preferred.

·         University degree in Chemistry, Brewing, Distilling, or another relevant field is required.

·         Statistics knowledge and statistics software proficiency is preferred.

  • Mechanical aptitude/skills/knowledge is preferred - Solid working knowledge of brewing equipment, i.e. brewing vessels, pumps, heat exchangers, hoses, triclamp connections, etc..

·         Ability to read and understand a variety of scientific instruments and calculations, i.e. Anton Paar alcohol and extract measurement, pH, titration, Gas Chromatograph, etc.

  • Demonstrated understanding of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Food Safety standards.

·         Demonstrate a strong work ethic.

·         Excellent communication and public speaking skills.

·         Ability to multi-task while being quality- and detail-focused.

·         Adaptable to changing priorities, and ability to work well under pressure.

·         Leads the development of individuals in the work group that is supervised. Guides his work group toward achieving results and business goals.

  • Shows initiative and judgment by making decisions within the scope of assigned authority.
  • Interpret and understand policies and relate them to others.
  • Read, analyze, and interpret periodicals, journals, technical procedures and/or government regulations as needed.

Physical working conditions are required for this position. Working in, on and around vessels and pipes under pressure containing air, CO2, water, beer, chemicals, steam, and hazardous chemicals is common place. Standing for prolonged periods of time is required. The work areas are mechanical in nature, require permits for confined spaces, fall protection devices for elevated work stations, and require a significant amount of walking and working on wet slippery surfaces. Process temperatures vary from 2 C to 100 C which


varying ambient temperature conditions. Brewer could encounter some level of dust from the handling of malt raw materials to handling of diatomaceous earth on a regular basis. Moderate physical activity is required by handling objects up to 55 pounds and 55+ on occasion.


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