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Assistant Director of Conference Services - Newark, NJ


New Jersey Institute of Technology


The assistant director of conference services reports to the director of operations and conference services and works closely with the associate director of operations and reservations. He/she is primarily responsible for coordinating external events and conferences that utilize NJIT facilities and supporting the overall management of the conference services. He/she is the initial contact for external groups utilizing space and/or planning small to large-scale events at the university. The incumbent will be expected to work evenings and weekends as needed.

Essential Functions:
Conference Services: 1. Responsible for: facilitating client meetings; scheduling room reservations; coordinating facility/venue contracts for administration approval; managing venue set-ups; coordinating media services, security, food services, and invoicing. Work with the associate director of reservations and other campus center staff including Facilities Services, Public Safety, Residence Life, GDS food services and other staff as needed. 2. Work daily with the associate director of operations and reservations and other campus center staff to balance the use of university spaces for external events throughout the year. 3. Responsible for coordinating logistics prior to and during external group events and may assist with university and student events during the evenings and weekends. 4. Works with the Executive Director and staff in creating marketing strategy for conference services, which includes web page design, brochures, advertisements, and venue sales opportunities.
5. Achieve financial objectives and maintain an annual budget set by the executive director of strategic events and conference services by generating new business and building on the client portfolio. 6. Act as a liaison with local business, hotels and Greater Newark Convention and Visitors Bureau to promote NJIT as an event conference site, as well as be familiar with local supporting venues. 7. Supervise student assistant staff members by supporting professional growth, coaching, and motivation. 8. Design and implement a formal evaluation process for external clients to communicate feedback, challenges, and opportunities.

Additional Functions:
General Campus Center Management: 1. Assist and support the campus center Reservation 25-Live system with regards to process, planning and training. 2. Assist the associate director of operations with room reservations including reporting maintenance issues, overseeing event set-ups, scheduling and supervising student staff. 3. Create and/or assist with room set-ups by using event management diagram software. 4. Provide emergency response as needed to fire alarms, environmental crisis, disaster situations, university closing, etc.

5. Provide recommendations during the budget development process and participate in development of strategic planning and assessment for the department as needed. 6. Requires non-traditional work hours for special events such as homecoming, Fall/Spring Fest, Convocation etc. 7. Represent and serve on department, division and university committees as assigned or needed.

Essential Characteristics:
CUSTOMER FOCUS/SERVICE ORIENTATION Definition: Assists and serves others to meet their needs. Focuses on discovering those needs and the way to best meet them. Matches customer requirements to existing products and services and/or designs, develops, and customizes additional products and services. Takes personal responsibility for continuously raising the standard of customer service. This person: 1) Maintains clear communication and monitors customer satisfaction. Follows through on others’ questions, requests, and complaints. 2) Takes personal responsibility for correcting problems promptly and not defensively as well as dealing with and/or correcting customer service issues and concerns. 3) Looks for information about the real, underlying needs of others, beyond those expressed initially. Matches those needs to available services. 4) Uses a long-term perspective/acts as a trusted advisor. Builds an independent opinion on customer needs and problems or opportunities and possibilities for implementation and acts on his/her opinion (e.g., recommends approaches which are new and different from those requested by the client). QUALITY ASSURANCE/ATTENTION TO DETAIL Definition: Accomplishes tasks through concern for all areas involved, no matter how small. Accurately checks for processes and tasks and follows up in a timely manner with appropriate persons. Has the desire to see things accomplished logically, clearly, and well. It takes various forms including monitoring and checking work or information, insisting on the clarity of roles and duties, and setting up and maintaining information systems. This person: 1) Pays attention to the quality of work throughout the unit (e.g., proofreading, data entry, client information). 2) Ensures that procedures are followed and keeps clear, detailed records. 3) Analyses data, pinpoint weaknesses or missing data, and seeks out information to maintain or even improve organizational priorities (e.g., obtains progress reports
from workers and team leaders). 4) Attempts to improve the quality of data and services by designing complex tools such as flow charts and engineering plans. FLEXIBILITY/ADAPTABILITY Definition: Recognizes that the environment in which one functions may be constantly changing and adjusts his/her own approach and behavior accordingly. Adapts to and works effectively within a variety of situations and with various individuals and/or groups. This person: 1) Accepts the need for flexibility: Demonstrates willingness to change ideas or perceptions based on new information or contrary evidence. Understands other points of view. 2) Applies rules flexibly: Alters normal procedures to fit a specific situation to get a job done and/or meet university goals. 3) Adapts tactics: Decides how to do something based on the situation. While maintaining the same overall goal or strategy, changes the method to accomplish the goal. Acts to fit the situation or the person. 4) Adapts own strategy: Changes the overall plan, goal or project (e.g., what you are trying to accomplish) to fit the situation. Makes small or temporary organizational changes, as authorized by position, to meet the need of a specific situation. PROFESSIONALISM Definition: Conducts oneself at all times in an ambassadorial, committed, and personable manner demonstrating respect for the position, fellow colleagues, departmental integrity, and the university’s best interest. This person: 1) Understands and shows mature appreciation for the perception of one’s performance by others. 2) Modifies behavior as appropriate to meet the charted and inherent expectations of the position held. 3) Demonstrates compassion, perseverance, modesty as appropriate, and expertise to help achieve a work-related objective. 4) Works to develop and maintain positive working relationships with co-workers and relevant customers. 5) Presents an appropriate professional appearance.

Prerequisite Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree with at least three years professional experience in event planning. Required to work evenings and weekends as needed. Must demonstrate excellent communication with colleagues, resource department, vendors, and customers.

Preferred Qualifications:
Certification in event planning, marketing, education, student personnel or related field with at least four years professional experience in event planning with 2 years on a college campus. At the university's discretion, the education and experience prerequisites may be excepted where the candidate can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the university, an equivalent combination of education and experience specifically preparing the candidate for success in the position.

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