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Scientist studying Environmental DNA -  Highlands, NJ 07732


Lynker Technologies


Lynker is hiring a Scientist studying Environmental DNA in support of fisheries, aquaculture and anadromous species investigations to support the National Marine Fisheries Service mission in either Highlands, NJ or Milford, CT.

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC), The Ecosystems and Aquaculture Division supports research themes including ecosystem processes and environmental conditions for production of harvestable algae, invertebrates and vertebrates; the processes linking spatial and temporal patterns in climate with regional and local responses of species and their habitats; and the positive and negative influences of human activities on ecosystem function and services. This is accomplished by the coordination and design of field surveys and laboratory investigations conducted by five research branches with staff across the Northeast. Better understanding of these processes enables the Division to develop technologies and recommendations to promote the growth of a highly productive aquaculture industry, to support assessment and management of protected and
harvested species, and more generally to support the development of Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management in the Northeast Region.

Duties include:
Shall assist in the planning of and preparations for eDNA laboratory studies.

  • Shall work on a boat to collect water, sediment, or live organism samples as needed.
  • Shall provide food, feeding and maintenance of fish used as test subjects in project experiment(s)
  • Shall clean fish containers and tanks and other seawater system components.
  • Shall identify supply needs, sources, and costs; communicated to Project Lead.
  • Collects, samples, stores, processes, and/or ships study samples
  • Experience with water chemistry analysis (analytical, robes, meters).Ability to calibrate a variety of probes, meters, and electrodes used to measure water chemistry parameters.
  • Manage water sample preparation and analyses obtained from experiments and the field
  • Understand safety procedures in the laboratory, handle chemicals safety, and dispose of chemical reagents in compliance with state regulations.
  • Correctly label chemicals and chemical hazardous waste.
  • Use microbalances and microbalances according to the standard operating procedure.
  • Must use Microsoft Powerpoint, Excel and Word.
  • Shall create permanent record of all data and procedures and provide summaries when requested
  • Shall be able to work independently
  • Design experiments, develop techniques and lead sample processing and analysis for eDNA, aquaculture and fisheries projects.
  • Provides direction on tasks to less-experienced Team members.
  • Reports at weekly frequency or as determined by Team Leader / Technical Representative.
  • Attends Team and higher level meetings as requested.
  • Communicates with internal and external collaborators regarding methods, samples, and data.
  • Develop best practices sampling and measuring in open marine ecosystems and controlled laboratory experiments for eDNA, aquaculture and fisheries projects.
  • Manage sample preparation for qPCR and metabarcoding outsourcing for sequencing.
  • Shall maintain current inventory of all samples collected during and after experimentation.
  • Shall develop and maintain Standard Operating Procedures for all methods used in support and operation of studies
  • Shall enter, organize, and summarize data collected along with the metadata that describes data and how these were collected.
  • Shall check data QA/QC, reduce data, and conducts initial analyses as instructed by the PI or surrogates.
  • Shall prepare tables, graphs, and summary reports.
  • Conducts univariate and multivariate statistical analyses.
  • Assists in the writing of manuscript draft
  • Assists in the writing of grant proposals in support of research.
  • Shall attend scientific and educational conferences to present research material and network on current and future projects.
  • Capable and willing to do physical work in indoor/outdoor and semi enclosed spaces and possible on sea-going vessels.
  • Drives government vehicles (requires valid driver’s license).
  • Works irregular hours, shift work, and on weekends if experiments require.
  • Occasionally required to travel to collect specimens, visit other laboratories and field locations
  • Follows safety protocols, participates in training, and satisfies requirements of access to and use of federal property.


Minimum qualifications:
B.Sc. in Biology, Marine Science or related fields or 1 year of working experience directly related to the tasks outlined herein.

  • Experience in experiments using live aquatic animals.
  • M.Sc. in Biology, Marine Science or related fields or B.Sc. plus 2 or more years of working experience directly related to tasks outlined herein.
  • Experience in design of experiments with live aquatic animals.
  • Experience in statistical analysis of multivariate data.
  • Experiences in writing grant proposals in support of research in Biology, Marine Science or related fields.
  • Ability to enter, organize, summarize, and document data collection; to perform analytical and elementary statistical software on collected data, deduce results, and communicate research findings.
  • Skilled in organizing, tracking, and documenting research activities; support tasks (supply needs and expenditures); and assisting NOAA personnel in a multi-tasking environment.


About Lynker

Lynker is a growing, Hub-zone certified small business specializing in professional, scientific and technical services. Our continually expanding team combines scientific expertise with mature, results-driven processes and tools to achieve technically sound, cost effective solutions in hydrology/water sciences, geospatial analysis, information technology, resource management, conservation, and management and business process improvement.

We focus on putting the right people in the right place to be effective. And having the right people is critical for success. Our streamlined organization enables and empowers our talented professionals to tackle our customers’ scientific and technical priorities – creatively and effectively.

Lynker offers a team-oriented work environment, competitive salaries and benefits, and the opportunity to work in a culture of exceptionally skilled and diverse professionals who embrace sound science and creative solutions.

Lynker is an E-Verify employer.

Lynker is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages women, minorities, individuals with disabilities and veterans to apply.



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