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Quality Lab Technician - Kansas City, MO 64120


General Mills



The Kansas City facility produces Bakery Flour and Bisquick products. The facility has a strong food and human safety culture along with highly recognized quality programs. Food Safety and Quality plays the lead role in ensuring high quality and safe food products that meet customer demands. This position reports directly to the Food Safety & Quality Manager.



  • Food Safety and Regulatory Compliance:
    • Monitor Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance through daily and monthly verification/audits.
    • Support HACCP Program: Understand and use the 7 universal HACCP principles, support implementation on floor through audits and maintenance, evaluate and manage risk through incident management.
    • Support FSSC activities through verification, auditing, record keeping etc.
  • Plant Quality and Sanitation Programs:
    • Sanitation program support through plant inspections and FSRA management
  • Manage Raw Material/Packaging Quality
    • Manage plant/supplier interactions. Identify ingredient and packaging issues. Manage non-conforming materials through the Quality Notification and Transportation Claims processes.
  • Analytical & Bake Lab
    • Routine collection and analysis of daily production of Flour and Bisquick products. Testing to include but not limited to: Moisture, Ash, pH, Farinograph, Falling# Stirring #, Salt, Soda Fat, NIR.
    • Co-Lead Weekly Sensory program under the direction of the Quality Engineer. Prepare weekly sensory panel evaluation and manage all data entry.
    • Support Environmental Monitoring Program to include assistance with required swabbing-Monthly & Special Cause and data management
    • Manage Inbound & Outbound Certificate of Analysis program. All analytical testing and corresponding COAs filled out daily for customers who request them. Filing of all Inbound COAs.

In this role, the Quality Lab Technician will:

  • Develop an understanding of GMI Regulatory Policies and Procedures and apply them to the facility.
  • Develop an understanding and working knowledge of the following FSQ-related IS systems: SAP, PLM, MQIS, Hold Order Management Systems, Microsoft Office.
  • Understand analytical lab requirements and can perform analytical tests when needed. Manages Analytical Quality Assurance (AQA) program, participates in AQA audits, maintains IRM program.
  • Develop Platform knowledge of plant systems and products
  • Develop understanding of quality metrics including QI, CPMs, FSRA. Manage Daily Quality Metrics, through reviewing quality data and reports and providing feedback and communication to appropriate plant personnel.
  • Understands basics of Statistics and applications to plant systems and products



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