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10/31. UK: Consultation on proposed changes to BSE testing

10/31. Consumers less tolerant of recalls, want COOL labels

10/31. Years-old recalled chocolate surfaces in Toronto stores

10/31. Local Retail Meat Safe From Antibiotic-resistant Organisms: Study

10/31. Is Your Food Safe?

10/31. China Trying to Fix Food Safety Issues Again

10/31. FDA Spanked by Full Science Board on Bisphenol A Safety Stance


10/30. Bisphenol risks highlighted by FDA subcommittee

10/30. FDA responds to BPA Subcommittee report

10/30. GMA Statement Regarding FDA Advisory Report on Bisphenol A

10/30. Settlements reached in Salmonella Veggie Booty cases

10/30. Optimer drug treats traveler's diarrhea: study

10/30. Meat Market E-Coli settlement

10/30. Is BPA safe or no? Gov't leaves consumers confused


10/29. Advice not to feed peanuts to babies may be behind allergies

10/29. Drinking Milk to Ease Milk Allergy?

10/29. Rice Is a Common and Severe Allergen

10/29. Researcher uncovers treatment for E. coli

10/29. Irish food safety warning on organic fertilizers

10/29. Cebu to host food safety confab

10/29. Hospital official questions food-safety database

10/29. Food safety to feature prominently in Chiang-Chen meeting

10/29. NAMPA:Confidence in BPA Safety for Food Packaging Applications

10/29. The E. coli Risks of a Red Meat Diet

10/29. Food Allergy Among U.S. Children: Trends in Prevalence

10/29. CDC: 3 Million U.S. Children have Food or Digestive Allergies

10/29. UK: Allergy and intolerance research review report published


10/28. N.S. posts new food safety database

10/28. China pulls some eggs amid new food safety scare

10/28. Court upholds $3.2 million food-poisoning verdict


10/27. Study does not prove BPA link to disease: EFSA

10/27. Study: drinking water may be source of winter Norovirus outbreaks

10/27. Medical breakthrough started at Ryerson

10/27. Rutgers to research salmonella growth on tomatoes

10/27. FDA Intervention Not Needed for Produce Safety

10/27. Food safety legislation will be priority in 2009

10/27. NTU calls for food safety organization at university forum

10/27. Hong Kong widens China food tests

10/27. China milk scandal spreads to eggs

10/27. UK: Scores on the doors for food businesses

10/27. UK: East European food sparks poisoning scare


10/24. Washington DC Section to host meeting on produce food safety

10/24. Kids’ food allergies on the rise

10/24. GMA Statement Re: Health Canada Risk Assessment of Bisphenol A

10/24. Warning out after Toronto restaurant worker tests positive for hepatitis A

10/24. Listeria deaths lead to lawsuit, Madoc family want changes

10/24. Tainted noodles found in Japan

10/24. Food safety law to be stricter, more onus on gov’t


10/23. Lake Stevens eatery reopens as E. coli suit filed

10/23. China debates tighter food safety law spurred by milk scandal

10/23. China arrests 6 for role in contaminating milk

10/23. U.N. Criticizes China on Food Safety

10/22. Canada bans the use of BPA in baby bottles

10/22. Castleberry’s 2007 Botulism Recall – A Case Study

10/22. Cross-protective Vaccine Developed


10/22. UN and Wal-Mart highlight China food safety concerns

10/22. UN prescribes food safety recommendations in China


10/21. FDA kit aims to improve food safety

10/21. Study Clears Acrylamide of Gastrointestinal Cancer Link

10/21. Resistant salmonella in Polish turkey

10/21. NZ: Dairy factory probed after E.coli, Listeria found

10/21. Aunt Mid's faces second lawsuit in E. coli outbreak

10/21. Microwave cooking may be risky

10/21. Maple Leaf begins selling meat from Toronto plant

10/21. Four tried in south China in food poisoning scam


10/20. USDA study confirms link between ethanol by-product and E. coli

10/20. Acrylamide Doesn't Raise Gastrointestinal Cancer Risk

10/20. Ontario farmer prosecuted for selling raw milk says he will not stop

10/20. E. coli O157 Vaccine Efficacy Reinforced by Study

10/20. Koreans Name Food Safety as Biggest Headache

10/20. EU food safety watchdog backs piecemeal approach to nanotech risk

10/20. Health Canada Reaffirms Safety of BPA for Use in Metal Food Packaging

10/20. China's government admits failings in milk scandal


10/17. BSE testing change could benefit meat sector

10/17. FSIS issues draft guidance for N-60 E. coli testing claims

10/17. Link to E. coli doubted

10/17. USDA collaboration creates food safety videos in ASL

10/17. FDA seeks advice to improve tracking of produce

10/17. FPAA Hosts Food Safety, Food Security Seminar

10/17. China’s Troubled Food and Drug Trade

10/17. Japan: Police suspect foul play in Chinese green bean poisoning case

10/17. Some Banned Chinese Milk is Still Being Sold

10/17. China says shares blame for milk scandal

10/17. Chinese government summons major dairy companies

10/17. FDA Sets China For First Overseas Office; More To Follow


10/16. FSIS: Guidance for N-60 E. coli O157:H7 Testing Claims
. UK: BSE testing change could benefit meat sector
. Irradiation And Consumer Acceptance
. Spinach, lettuce irradiation just a beginning?
. A glowing reference for food-borne pesticides
Australia: Food retailer fined $60,000 for food safety failings

10/16. 'Meaningless' B.S.E. testing hinders U.S. beef industry
. UK: Restaurant owner fined after food safety investigation
. India launches food safety drive to tackle Delhi Belly
. Animal Rights Activists Clash With Food Safety Advocates
. China's milk heartland fights to reclaim trust
. Beleaguered Chinese dairies pledge high standards

. Melamine crisis makes manufacturers extra-cautious over safety

10/15. Maple Leaf to tackle Listeria with newly approved preservative

10/15. University of Colorado Student Files E. coli Lawsuit Against Jimmy John’s

10/15. Cow Brains, Spinal Cords to be Banned From Pet Food Starting in 2009

10/15. Canada: Ivanhoe re-opens after six-week shutdown

10/15. Meat tainted with Salmonella was on its way to Finland and Sweden

10/15. Detroit firm resumes lettuce packaging amid ongoing E. coli probe

10/15. Danger In A Bottle Of Water? Study Questions The Safety Of Bottled Water
. Mainland, Taiwan open new channel to address food safety
Beijing's Food Safety Problem
. HKSAR gov't to introduce food safety bill
China milk consumers hunt for alternatives: study
. China Recalls More Milk Items for Testing
. UK: FSA Board discusses proposals to reduce BSE testing
. UK: Melamine update
. UK: Proposals to reduce BSE testing of cattle slaughtered for food

10/14. International Food Microbiology Symposium Set
. Bereaved owners may receive millions in poison pet-food settlement
. Company facing E. coli suit denies involvement
. Muslim food industry in China vows to ensure food safety
. Warning over safety of food supplements
. Grant aids distillers grains, E. coli study
. Nanofood safety proposal 'not enough'
E.Coli Lawsuit Filed in MI Following Outbreak from Contaminated Lettuce


10/10. UK: Agency invites feedback on BSE controls

10/10. China announces new melamine guidelines

10/10. Study pinpoints cashew allergens which survive processing

10/10. Britain may back EU plan to relax rules on ‘mad cow’ cattle testing

10/10. Research Student Reports Carb/Disease Connection

10/10. Maple Leaf defends listeria test results

10/10. No U.S. aid for tomato growers

10/10. Prop. 2 healthy for hens, not humans?

10/10. Latest warning highlights dangers of microwaving

10/10. Marler Clark Files First E. coli Lawsuit Against Aunt Mid’s Produce

10/10. Center for Food Safety challenges USDA on genetically engineered crops

10/10. Second lawsuit filed in tainted milk scandal

10/10. Scandal forces reform in China dairy industry


10/09. Maple Leaf still clearing plant of listeria

10/09. Nicaraguan beef prompts three E. coli-related recalls

10/09. Maple Leaf dismisses risk after more listeria found at plant

10/09. Europeans have little appetite for “Frankenfood”: survey

10/09. Emergency money allocated to Chinese farmers after tainted milk scandal

10/09. China's small dairy farmers caught in milk scandal

10/09. SE Asian nations look at free trade's impact on health amid tainted milk


10/08. Many Chinese doubt food scandals will end

10/08. Melamine recalls not an issue for US dairy groups

10/08. BSE trade restrictions cost U.S. $11 billion: ITC report

10/08. Disputed Link To Aunt Mid’s Cut Lettuce Reveals Need for Access to Epidemiologists

10/08. Little-known E. coli strain O111 starts gaining notoriety

10/08. Rare E. coli O111 May Be Tested in Meat

10/08. Nanofood safety proposal 'not enough'

10/08. Melamine Scare Spreads to Exported Chinese Vegetables

10/08. Chinese lawyers face pressure to drop milk cases

10/08. China sets melamine levels for milk products

10/08. Officials: Candy with melamine found in Wis.

Tracking Down the Cause of Mad Cow Disease

10/07. China vows to clean up dairy industry, more children ill

10/07. Food safety liaison windows between Taiwan and China formalized

10/07. Microwaving Foods Does Not Kill All Bacteria

10/07. Irradiation Food Safety Update

10/07. Irradiation: Turning on the high beams

10/07. Quotable Quotes


10/06. Melamine detection service offered to EU food and drink sector

10/06. Aunt Mid’s to resume processing after oubreak

10/06. Children's allergies a slippery, chewy, nutty slope for schools

10/06. Colorado State Scientists Work to Control Listeria Outbreak

10/06. Policy change delayed alarm signal over listeria, inspectors say

10/06. GeneThera Offered World Wide Rights to E.coli Vaccine

10/06. FDA Sets Safety Threshold for Contaminant Melamine

10/06. U.S.D.A. awards $14M for food safety education

10/06. Both sides chime in on carcass irradiation issues


10/03. Latest Salmonella Scare Permanently Closes Mars Petcare Factory in PA

10/03. Marler Clark Calls for Aunt Mid's Produce to Disclose Supplier

10/03. FDA: Tiny bit of melamine in food usually OK


10/02. Study shows huge variety of protozoa in meat plants

10/02. Kenya: Alert over maize poisoning

10/02. E. coli in U.S. lettuce linked to Ont. hospital

10/02. Lack of Funding Forces Closure of Food Supply Safety Program

10/02. Police arrest underground gang 'poisoning baby milk for profit'

10/02. China Says Milk Clean, Dairy Scare Spreads Abroad

10/02. China Says More Dairy Makers Have Contaminated Milk

10/02. Taiwan Says Melamine Found in Nestle Milk Powders


10/01. Commercial Irradiation of Iceberg Lettuce and Spinach: A Literature Review

10/01. Tri-tip E. coli Loophole Needs to Change

10/01. FDA to spend $2.5B on technology upgrade

10/01. Deadly Bacteria Sacrifice and Cooperate

10/01. Tainted lettuce might be in Windsor

10/01. Second lawsuit filed in E. coli outbreak case at Goshen Boy Scout camp

10/01. China’s Milk Fiasco Yields Lawsuit — In China

10/01. Foodborne Infection Originates in Meat and Poultry

10/01. Melamine-Tainted Candy Found In CT

10/01. Parents of Baby Sickened in Tainted Milk Scandal Sue Dairy

10/01. Chinese Parents File Milk Lawsuit

10/01. China Milk Scandal Firm Asked for Cover-Up Help


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