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10/30. New $30m study into the safety of BPA

10/30. Author Says Meat is Making Us Sick

10/30. Why Does CDC Implore Testing for E. coli O111?

10/30. No E. coli Found, but OK Water Unsafe

10/30. Kroger: Lettuce know what we're eating

10/30. We celebrate Northwest oysters, Louisiana's get raw deal

10/30. Diarrhoea kills 'three times more than thought'

10/30. Forward thinking delivers safe choice with benefits

10/30. Chinese chicken: Which fast food chain may serve you this scary import?


10/29. USDA Food Safety Videos

10/29. Seafood Processors Receive FDA Warnings

10/29. Nut Butter Plant Has Salmonella Problem

10/29. Trained dog warns child with allergy to peanuts

10/29. More lawsuits filed against Milan McDonald's

10/29. RTE Products Excluded From Testing

10/29. NZ aims to combat campylobacter in broilers 28 Oct 2009

10/29. Food recalls 'stable' in Australia

10/29. UK: Legal action prepared over E.coli

10/29. NC Web site launched to answer food safety questions

10/29. Food Litigation Forum Hits Windy City

10/29. Taiwan's Ma Seeks to Calm Uproar Over US Beef

10/29. Canadian farm exports snagged in world safety net

10/29. Bid to 'free' raw milk cheese


10/28. Rearranging the deck chairs at USDA

10/28. USDA Promotes Local Food in Georgia

10/28. Food Safety Tips For Hunters

10/28. 'Criminal Enterprise' Behind Food Carts?

10/28. Annex Moves Forward In Lawsuit Against Kellogg

10/28. NZ aims to combat campylobacter in broilers 28 Oct 2009

10/28. Neogen Sees Food Contamination Fears Driving Growth

10/28. Food Scientist Uses High Pressure to Keep Food Safe

10/28. Food safety bill stalled


10/27. Raw Milk Editorial Leaves Questions Unanswered

10/27. E. coli O157 Update - With 1,039 lbs. of Hamburger Recalled by South Shore Meats, the Total Since 2007 is Now 41,412,504 lbs.

10/27. Why tiny turtles and tiny tots don't mix

10/27. Celebrity Chef Escapes Prosecution

10/27. Sheetz settles salmonella suit with W. Va. company

10/27. Studies Show E. coli In Ground Beef Not Ceasing

10/27. Food safety body sets French fries, baby food rules

10/27. FDA awards grants to boost food and feed safety initiatives

10/27. 95% of meat passes safety test in HK

10/27. New Zealand: Scientific evidence on safety of energy drinks weighed

10/27. CDC Software Launches Trace Express

10/27. Western Pistachio Association receives food safety grant

10/27. Ohio to Vote on Animal Safety Measure


10/26. Public Meeting to Address Codex Committee on Food Hygiene

10/26. US government and trade body clash on E-beam debate

10/26. Tackling E.coli – legislation or self-regulation?

10/26. More fallout for the industry from The New York Times story on E. coli

10/26. Secretary for food safety vacancy looms large

10/26. What is wrong with HACCP?

10/26. Antibiotic Resistant Salmonella Isolated in Retail Meats in U.S.

10/26. Entire Oregon Coast now closed to mussel harvesting

10/26. Take a Note From Granny's PlayBook...

10/26. 41,411,465 Pounds of E. coli Tainted Beef Recalled Since 2007 - That is 165,645,860 Quarter Pounders

10/26. Fishermen Respond to New Oyster Safety Policy

10/26. FDA proposes 8-month oyster ban

10/26. Norovirus cases 'on the rise'

10/26. Raw milk is danger to public health

10/26. Australia: Poisoning-accused KFC 'purged records'

10/26. New Zealand: GE Food Safety and Labelling

10/26. Produce industry committed to food safety, says United President at Senate hearing

10/26. Concern Over Food Safety Bill in NZ

10/26. FDA chief supports food safety revamp bill

10/26. The Nation`s Largest Critical Food Safety Database Now Available on the iPhone/iPod Touchs

10/26. Fat Duck food poisoning: Heston Blumenthal will face no action


10/23. EFSA recommends reduction of inorganic arsenic intake

10/23. Project bids to eliminate risk of botulinum in baked goods

10/23. FDA chief calls for stronger food safety bill

10/23. Behind the scenes with A.M.I. on 'Larry King Live'

10/23. Why Food Traceability Is so Important

10/23. Needed: Undersecretary for Food Safety at USDA

10/23. Senate Holds Hearing on Food Safety Reform

10/23. How, and how not, to diagnose a food allergy

10/23. Taiwan Drops Ban on Bone-In US Beef

10/23. Codex Session on Food Hygiene Scheduled

10/23. Controversy over raw oysters in summer months

10/23. FDA chief backs food safety overhaul

10/23. Foodborne illnesses prompt new era of consumables accountability

10/23. Asia: Retailers should play active role to improve food safety: Study

10/23. Green Supermarkets? Janitors Push for Next Wave of Worker / Environmental Protections

10/23. In Sierra Leone, Farmers on European Food Safety Law

10/23. Senate committee reviewing food safety plans

10/23. Gambia: Improved food safety increases food supply - FAO boss

10/23. Food Safety In An Emergency

10/23. UK: Halal meat pair jailed

10/23. UK: 'Rancid' pub food cost brewery £37k


10/22. ARS, Company Team Up to Fight Biofilm Food Contamination

10/22. Meat test rule change would prevent most E.coli, Listeria recalls

10/22. High hydrostatic pressure – not just for the big guys

10/22. Intervention improves employees' food safety compliance rates

10/22. Why Food Traceability Is so Important

10/22. Keeping America’s Families Safe: Reforming the Food Safety System

10/22. Bill giving FDA new powers to oversee food supply has wide support

10/22. Researchers try to find corn aflatoxins

10/22. Food toxin may cause liver cancer: study

10/22. Total Recall: Brooklyn leads faulty foods

10/22. Small Meat & Poultry Plant Talks Set

10/22. UK: Food group set up after E. coli

10/22. UK: E. coli mum to address food group

10/22. LCQ12: Mainland vegetables supplied to Hong Kong

10/22. Senate food bill good first step, needs work: FDA

10/22. Keeping America's Families Safe: Reforming the Food Safety System

10/22. New Zealand: Ministry says amended Food Bill will not improve safety

10/22. Ghost of 'Frankenfood' Haunts Europe


10/21. AMI Reiterates Request to USDA to Implement Policy that Would Require Companies to Hold FSIS-Tested Control Product

10/21. US meat industry failing on E.coli testing - Senator

10/21. CSPI’s 10 Riskiest Foods Really Aren’t: It’s time to stop misleading the public

10/21. Canada: H1N1 turns up at turkey farm

10/21. Australia ending B.S.E. restrictions

10/21. Non-0157 STECS are adulterants and here’s why

10/21. FDA releases 2007 monitoring data for antimicrobial resistance in retail meat

10/21. Senator Gillibrand Proposes Anti - E. coli Legislation

10/21. Food Safety: Majority in U.S. feel food industry doesn't do enough

10/21. Victims Lobby for Food Safety Legislation

10/21. Leafy Greens Hearings Drawing to End

10/21. Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics . . .

10/21. A Response to AMI's Misuse of Statistics

10/21. Two Recalls, Two Reactions

10/21. Warning Issued to Soy, Tofu Maker

10/21. Should Irradiation be adopted as another method of minimizing bacterial contamination on animal carcasses?

10/21. A family that takes food allergies seriously

10/21. Trigger of deadly food toxin discovered

10/21. Food Experts Serve Up Answers For Consumers

10/21. Victims Lobby for Food Safety Legislation

10/21. FSIS needs better recall process


10/20. USDA Confirms Novel H1N1 in Minnesota Pigs; AMI Assures Consumers That Pork is Safe

10/20. Sen. Gillibrand proposes food safety overhauls

10/20. China packaging firm reaps rewards from food safety law

10/20. U.S. Catfish Industry Launches Campaign Urging USDA to Ensure Safety of Imported Catfish

10/20. New cattle vaccine may make food, water safer for human consumption

10/20. Raw Milk Advocates Plod Through States

10/20. FDA Acts to Reduce Raw Oyster Poisoning

10/20. Marler Clark Foodborne Illness Victims Meet With White House to Push for Food Safety Reform

10/20. UK: 'Ban on children touching farm animals'

10/20. The FDA's pistachio safety measures

10/20. Senate to Hold Hearing on Food Safety

10/20. India: Coke fined Rs 1 lakh for fungus in soft drink bottle

10/20. Area farmers markets weigh raw-milk debate


10/19. Raw Milk Outbreaks do happen

10/19. FDA to combat vibrio vulnificus in oysters by requiring further processing

10/19. Upgrading the safety and quality of sausages // 19 Oct 2009

10/19. US stops more canola meal with salmonella

10/19. Tackling Typhoid: First High-throughput Analysis Of Every Salmonella Typhi Gene

10/19. Finland: Salmonella Cleanup Costlier Than Expected

10/19. Safer airplane water on the way

10/19. Health Education Focuses on Food Safety

10/19. Danisco and DuPont Qualicon Strengthen Natural Food Safety

10/19. Legislation proposed to address food safety

10/19. Study calls on retailers to improve food safety in Asia

10/19. DM forms committee to organize Dubai International Food Safety Conference

10/19. GAO Finds Gaps in Import Safety

10/19. India: FSSAI likely to establish food safety special courts soon

10/19. Food safety programs alter farming

10/19. Red Tide Puts Puget Sound Shellfish Off

10/19. FDA Enacting Stricter Oyster Regulations

10/19. Raw Milk Risks and Benefits Explained


10/16. Mandatory E.coli tests no magic bullet, says US meat body

10/16. AMI Responds to E. coli Bill

10/16. FSIS Remains Leaderless

10/16. $90K food-safety fine for South SF tofu maker

10/16. Pork Industry Still Reeling From Swine Flu

10/16. Debate grows over raw milk


10/15. US meat industry says beef safer than ever

10/15. BPA review waste of money and delaying tactic - Scientists

10/15. OMB Watch Say "USDA Budget Leaves Food Safety Agency Wanting"

10/15. CDC Recommends Increased Testing and Surveilance of all Shiga toxin E. coli

10/15. Hardy New Aflatoxin-Resistant Corn Lines Released

10/15. Why youngsters are more prone to human form of mad cow disease

10/15. PanThera Biopharma wins $1.6 million contract for botulism antidote research

10/15. DeLauro Says 'Next Year' on S. 510

10/15. The Food-Safety Muddle

10/15. New England Journal of Medicine: Bacterial Diarrhea

10/15. Selling Raw Milk Has Risks

10/15. Protecting America's Food Supply Takes Backseat With Obama

10/15. HACCP: Food safety and regulatory compliance

10/15. Food safety comes from market

10/15. USDA Budget Leaves Food Safety Agency Wanting

10/15. Pennsylvania Food Safety Director: "Think Hard" Before Selling Raw-Milk

10/15. China, a lab for countries to learn food safety: WFP's deputy executive director

10/15. EU and Greenpeace row over safety of GM food

10/15. 2.2m Die Of Food Poison In Africa

10/15. Our view on food safety: Bacteria in ground beef takes an intolerable toll

10/15. Bug Barcode Readers Hold Out Promise Of Universal Vaccines

10/15. UK: Advice for caterers on handling eggs safely


10/14. Understanding food safety strike zones

10/14. Did the Times get it right?

10/14. Hospital in Milan, Illinois to Help Pay for Hepatitis-A Shots

10/14. Food Safety For College Students

10/14. A Lesson in Food Product Dating

10/14. Gillibrand to Introduce 'E.coli Eradication' Bill

10/14. Trinity pays Rock Island County $80000 stemming from hepatitis A outbreak

10/14. New Zealand: Stolen butter unsafe to eat - police

10/14. The Food-Safety Muddle


10/13. AMI President and CEO Defends Safety of Meat Supply During Appearance on `Larry King Live'

10/13. Making sense of mixed messages following NY Times article

10/13. Advocacy Group Reaches Out to Sustainable Ag

10/13. Bill Funds Food Inspector Training

10/13. Larry King Explores Food Safety & Meat

10/13. In case you missed it - Marler on Larry King Live

10/13. Chlorinated chicken dispute shows limits of mutual recognition

10/13. Ruby Chinese Restaurant Remains Closed Following Two Failed Inspections

10/13. Special report: Larry King show discusses E.coli 13 Oct 2009

10/13. Gillibrand pushing for more inspections and regulations on food

10/13. Food Safety Training Institute to Receive Federal Funding

10/13. 24 food providers cited for health department violations in September

10/13. FDA launches a $17.5m boost to food and feed safety

10/13. Top 10 Produce LLC plans to help growers put barcodes on their food

10/13. Think Hard Before Selling Raw Milk

10/13. Opportunity for Ohio produce growers to learn about food safety issues

10/13. India: FSS Act comes into force from January 2010

10/13. 11 critical health violations at sushi place

10/13. Food safety advocates decry gaps in system

10/13. Should Americans banish the burger?


10/12. AMI President J. Patrick Boyle to Discuss Meat Safety on Larry King Live Tonight

10/12. CDC - Hamburger Handling in Restaurants is Risky

10/12. Costco to Buy and Test Tyson Trim

10/12. A Lunch Date and a Liver Transplant

10/12. The State of USDA's Food Safety Inspection Services (FSIS) - Ten Minutes with Dr. Raymond and Bill Marler - Point/Counterpoint

10/12. Comparing the Food Safety Record of Pasteurized and Raw Milk Products - Part 3

10/12. Boy pushes Congress for food allergy guidelines

10/12. Canada: E.coli outbreak one year later

10/12. Food-borne bacteria studied by UCF prof.

10/12. Minnesota food lab gets $250000 in federal funding

10/12. We've found mustard flour kills off E. coli

10/12. New US Agricultural Research Institute Launched; Global Food Aid Examined

10/12. The hygiene failings at Cardiff's biggest hotels

10/12. Tests Find Wood Pallets Harbor Deadly Food Poisoning Bacteria


10/09. Germany backs bisphenol A in baby bottles

10/09. Battle over timing of food safety legislation shaping up in the Senate

10/09. Meat Industry Pushes Carcass Irradiation

10/09. Settlement Talks Loom In NY Crypto Case

10/09. Food Fight Over 'Riskiest Foods' Report

10/09. Vilsack urges Japan to fully reopen beef market

10/09. Intralytix Wins U.S. Army Contract to Develop Phage-Based Probiotic Against Shigella Infection

10/09. Costco, Tyson Foods Reach E. Coli Testing Agreement

10/09. No one deserves a last dance

10/09. Organizations Attempt to Dispel Study's Food Safety Claims

10/09. USDA Joins FDA on Food Safety

10/09. Lawsuit Filed Against Sandwich Maker by FDA Over Unsanitary Conditions


10/08. Developing detection strategies

10/08. Understanding food safety strike zones

10/08. Neogen creates new Brazilian subsidiary

10/08. High hydrostatic pressure processing can help eliminate food safety problems in meat and poultry

10/08. Global Harmonization Initiative

10/08. ‘Ten Riskiest Foods’ List Highly Deceptive, Worse Than Useless to Consumers

10/08. Center for Science in the Public Interest urges US Senate to Pass Food Safety Modernisation Act

10/08. Victims: 'We Want Bill Before Holidays'

10/08. Dallas Shuts Down Farmer's Markets

10/08. Bill would fund school training in food allergies

10/08. Cargill settles E. coli lawsuit with 11-year-old Minnesota girl

10/08. Salinas growers settle E. coli suit from 2006 tainted spinach outbreak

10/08. Chicago Company Offers Up Solution to 'Dirty' Eggs Dilemma: Go Pasteurized

10/08. India: Regulate the regulator

10/08. Senate Urged To Pass Food Safety Modernization Act

10/08. Companies Strike Deal on Testing for E. Coli

10/08. FDA chief says she wants to restore trust in agency

10/08. UK: Food safety advice for childminders

10/08. UK: Students get guide to safe catering


10/07. Latest BPA study “flawed” says American Chemistry Council

10/07. Is the New York Times right about ground beef?

10/07. Meat Industry is Making Great Strides in Improving Food Safety, Boyle Tells New York Times

10/07. Q&A With Consumers Union's Jean Halloran

10/07. Food Safety Storm: Victims off to Senate

10/07. If there was an Undersecretary of Agriculture for Food Safety Inspection Services, what should he or she do first?

10/07. Cargill issued this statement in response to the New York Times story about Stephanie Smith

10/07. Another Reason that Food Safety is Important to Business - Another Settlement Reached In Spinach Lawsuit

10/07. Oyster, Water Inspectors Make Life Safer for Seafood Fans

10/07. Key Behavior Of Immune Response To Listeria Identified

10/07. Why Ethanol Production Boosts E.Coli in Cattle

10/07. USDA Responds to E. Coli Report

10/07. Experts call for stronger E. coli prevention

10/07. Trust for America's Health Calls on Senate to Act Now to Reform U.S. Food Safety

10/07. Congress looks at food safety laws

10/07. Hong Kong: Food safety report for August released

10/07. Why line speed is 'non-negotiable'

10/07. Bagged salad safety: Rising threat of food-borne illness lurks in convenient packages of leafy greens

10/07. Government's pursuit of food safety makes tiny step forward – maybe


10/06. Where did this hamburger come from?

10/06. Maple Leaf Launches Food Safety Website

10/06. Lawyers Petition USDA on E. coli Issue

10/06. Children “Lobby” for Food Allergies in US Congress

10/06. Even dogs are getting food allergies

10/06. NZ to review antibiotic resistant bacteria 06 Oct 2009

10/06. Rel's Foods' Sandwiches Are Tainted, FDA Says

10/06. FDA seeks beefed up food inspection mandate

10/06. US stops more Canada canola meal with salmonella

10/06. More claims to be filed in Va salmonella case

10/06. Anatomy of a Burger

10/06. Tainted Burgers: Plenty to Chew On

10/06. US Airlines Must Test, Cleanse Drinking Water Under EPA Rule

10/06. UK: More work needed on campylobacter in chicken

10/06. Wales: Bid to rebuild shattered public confidence in food safety

10/06. Malta: Inspectors clamp down on food safety violations

10/06. Agriculture Secretary Calls For Mandatory Food Recalls

10/06. USDA Responds to E. Coli Report

10/06. USDA, FDA team up to write new food safety rules

10/06. UK: Lethal food bug found in two-thirds of chickens

10/06. Healthy Foods Carry Hidden Dangers, New Study Finds

10/06. UK: FSA publishes survey of campylobacter and salmonella in chicken


10/05. Oxoid Food Microbiology Seminar Day

10/05. When Others Are Walking the Halls of Congress for Food Safety, Ruby is There in Spirit

10/05. Botulism warning to duck hunters as season nears

10/05. Salmonella and Campylobacter Increase Chances of IBD

10/05. FDA to Hold Meeting on Transparency

10/05. USDA: No One is Exempt From Food Safety

10/05. Animal Stress May Increase Food Safety Risk

10/05. A Dancer's Battle Against E. coli

10/05. Why Should the Food Safety and Inspection Service Declare Enterohemorrhagic non-O157 E. coli to be an Adulterant?

10/05. Bureaucracy or Irradiation: Which Should You Trust More?

10/05. Chain eateries do better in health inspections

10/05. Canada: Report slams food safety

10/05. Food Safety, and Oversight are Growing US Concerns

10/05. Bioterrorism Beginnings: The Rajneesh Cult, Oregon, 1985

10/05. E. Coli Path Shows Flaws in Beef Inspection


10/02. What happens when there aren't enough food-animal veterinarians?

10/02. China Should Be a Promising Market For Food Safety Products, Study Finds

10/02. Defence plans needed to combat food terrorism, processors told

10/02. Longer shelf life for some RTE foods contributes to Listeria rise, expert

10/02. Federal charges filed against Marcho and Select Veal Feeds

10/02. Suit Seeks Lunch Money Refund for Downer Beef

10/02. Risky Business - Why would a retailer, like Whole Foods, sell Raw Milk?

10/02. Food Safety Dirty Dozen, well Fifteen

10/02. Md. cheese goes raw

10/02. Food Supply Worries of an Agricultural Scientist Part 4: Aflatoxin

10/02. More hepatitis A lawsuits filed against McDonald's

10/02. E-coli came with that Wendy's order and so is a side of lawsuit

10/02. E.coli bacteria's kayak paddle-like motion captured for the first time

10/02. Clinical study to probe genetic link to Salmonella diseases

10/02. Judge orders $12M fund for peanut salmonella claims

10/02. E. coli O157 study to test immunity levels

10/02. Third Lawsuit Filed Against Oklahoma Eatery Over E. Coli Outbreak

10/02. UK: Poisonous Bootleg Booze Seized By Newham Council Safety Officers

10/02. Meet Delilah: Entertaining and Educating Children and Parents on Handwashing & Food Safety

10/02. NSF International Acquires Global Expertise in Seafood Quality with Surefish

10/02. Survey Finds Consumers Want More Food Safety Inspections

10/02. Reportlinker Adds Food Safety Products in China: Industry Study with Forecasts for 2013 & 2018 Report


10/01. Is it Time for a Single Food Agency? – Part 2

10/01. FDA Moves to Improve Risk Communication

10/01. Dairies Warned for Animal Drug Use

10/01. About MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) - Yet another Food Pathogen?

10/01. Mr. President, Senators, Congress Members watch this video now!

10/01. New dog alerts boy to allergens

10/01. Emirates: Conditions set for importing meat from countries with cases of mad cow disease

10/01. Researchers study impact of antimicrobial agents in aquaculture on humans

10/01. New insights in acid premixture for poultry 01 Oct 2009

10/01. Leafy greens agreement faces regional hurdles

10/01. Multiple families sue Country Cottage

10/01. "Green" sanitizing solutions receive Army award

10/01. The Freedom to Choose [GM Sugar Beets]

10/01. Canada-Maple Leaf boss questioned over 21 deaths due to food poisoning

10/01. UK: Cattle aged over 30 months enter food supply without being tested for BSE


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