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Food Technologist
ProTech Solutions, Inc - Saukville, WI



Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Generating new product ideas and recipes
  • Ensuring that stringent hygiene food safety standards are met
  • Identifying and choosing products from suppliers
  • Monitoring the use of additives
  • Testing and examining samples
  • Writing reports
  • Modifying and improving existing recipes, products, and processes and developing new ones
  • Designing processes and machinery for the production of recipes on a large scale
  • Checking and improving safety and quality control procedures in your own and suppliers' factories, from the raw material stage through to the finished product
  • Researching current consumer markets and latest technologies to develop new product concepts
  • Selecting raw materials and other ingredients from suppliers
  • Preparing product costings based on raw materials and manufacturing costs to ensure profitable products
  • Auditing suppliers or managing internal audits
  • Coordinating launches of new products or running trials alongside/together with product development
  • Dealing with any customer complaint investigations or product issues
  • Compiling/checking/approving product specifications and labelling
  • Undertaking long-term projects with other departments, e.g. reducing waste by improving efficiency
  • Working on packaging innovation and technology
  • Developing the ability to repeat processes to ensure consistency and safety
  • Liaising with marketing, technical, and commercial colleagues in procurement, sales and technical services, and marketing and distribution, and with official food inspection and hygiene agencies (this takes up a considerable proportion of time on the manufacturing side)Working with engineering/production to develop solutions to production issues whilst maintaining food safety

Required Education and Experience:

  • B.S. or M.S. in Food Technologies or related field.
  • 5+ years of experience.

Job Type: Full-time

Required experience:

  • Food Manufacturing/Testing: 5 years

Required education:

  • Bachelor's


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