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Job Description

Caito Foods / Fresh Line, strives to provide its customers and consumers safe, healthy, fresh-processed foods, using the best available raw ingredients, packaging, facilities, and procedures, by working with well-trained, dedicated associates. We adhere to our customerís high, quality standards, comply with regulatory requirements, and continually improve our advanced food safety systems.

Our growing QA department is in need of positive minded, responsible Technologist.


The Quality Assurance Technologist ensures food safety compliance by performing production chemical checks and regulating chemical levels.  Also, monitors and records all chemical, product specification/labeling and required mechanical information during the entire production process. 

Skills & Requirements

1. Product Knowledge: understands sizes, varieties, sensitivity, location, sensory perspectives and background of products.

2. Customer Care: understanding of preferences for the various customer bases: ensuring proper quality and quantity for customer orders: expresses neatness and care through proper order selection.

3. Equipment Operations: understands and is easily trainable on how to operate and maintain mechanical equipment: complies with facility rules in regards to usage and traffic flow: enforces safe and effective use of equipment among fellow associates.

4. Facility Maintenance:  maintains upkeep and cleanliness of facility: creates an organized and workable environment: respects all company property and equipment.

5. Associate Guidance/Violation Enforcement:  A QA Tech must be able to work with associates to guide them to the proper high quality standards of Caito Foods Service/Fresh Line.  This will involve explaining certain processing techniques and variables that up hold these standards.  In addition, the QA Tech must also be willing to verbally correct any quality violations witnessed (e.g. a GMP violation or wrong cut size being applied).

6. Technician Procedures: understands each associates role within the Fresh Line Department: applies all company policies, procedures, and regulations; check chemical substances for usage/correctly add/dilute chemicals as needed: change wash water as needed: correct any deficiencies: must be able to measure sensory aspect of raw commodities (i.e. brix measurements): Must be able to correctly identify labeling issues and communicate to correct them: complete a daily pre-operational inspection of processing rooms and equipment: collect pre-op microbiological swabs as needed: maintain temperature logs: maintains order and safety of work environment: understands USDA/FDA regulations and federal inspections: ensures proper slotting for finished product: responsible for all associate floor quality activities: delegates wisely and fairly among crew members: possess decision making and problem solving skills: focuses on team development, training and continual education.

7. Professionalism:  completion of daily paperwork neatly and legibly: ability to communicate effectively: ability to assist and go above of what is asked of: expresses concern and care for the company and fellow associates: develops proper characteristics of a good leader.

8. Instrument calibration/verification: scales, thermometers, refractometers, penatrometers, ph-meters, etc.

9. Capabilities with preparing samples for customers according to appropriate product specifications.

10. Future Quality and Development: the QA technologist must be able to answer any questions presented to them while on the floor regarding product quality, food safety, chemical safety, product specification or other quality related items.  Furthermore, the associate must be willing to provide positive, creative feedback with ideas for product/quality systems development and improvement.


Education:   High School education or equivalent preferred

Experience:  Knowledge of warehouse operations preferred but not necessary.  Knowledge of metal detector operations preferred but not necessary.  Some computer experience preferred but not necessary. Experience with produce distribution preferred but not necessary.  Understanding of USDA regulations, HACCP and OSHA requirements preferred but not necessary.

Skills and Ability:  Should have basic mathematical and literacy skills.  Good communication skills are important.  Should be able to correctly complete various daily quality/HACCP/BRC/USDA paperwork. Should comply with company rules and regulations.  Ability to work with others along with working independently and efficiently.  Meet scheduled deadlines.  Positive mental attitude.  Ability to be multitask in completing scheduled activities along with random activities.  Have a general understanding of weight relationships.  Agility, strength, dependability, and punctuality are strongly preferred.  Ability to correct employee actions regard quality/food safety with courtesy and professionalism.


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