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11/30 Call for Posters: Agriculture's Role in Managing Antimicrobial Resistance
11/30 Agriculture's Role in managing Antimicrobial Resistance Conference 2005
11/30 R-CALF prepares to keep ban on Canadian cattle in place
11/30 Rocket-fuel traces found in milk, lettuce in Central California area
11/30 New book picks up where Fast Food Nation left off
11/30 Listeria
11/30 NFU official urges BSE tests at new plant
11/30 Preparing food for the frail elderly
11/30 Report slams Ottawa's handling of mad-cow crisis
11/30 Speech: Graham Peachey 'Dairy a safe food made safer by national regulation'
11/30 Government introduces new food inspection and enforcement bill
11/30 The costs of factory farming
11/30 Manitoba will soon have a chief veterinary officer
11/30 [New Zealand] Minister to visit Auckland school for Foodsafe Week
11/30 Protecting tiny tummies and sensitive systems
11/30 BIO Hails New FDA Food Safety Policy as Consumer Gain
11/30 ISU Reviews, Seeks to Improve Students’ Ideas of Food Safety
11/30 Handwashing critical in preventing flu
11/30 R-CALF: Stop releasing inconclusive test results, open up BSE test supply
11/30 FDA intensifies move to remove dietary supplements containing Ephedra
11/30 EFSA defends GM panel
11/30 “Mad-cow story in America points to success in keeping consumers safe”
11/30 Hong Kong lifts ban on Canadian beef imports after mad-cow scare
11/30 Beware of food illnesses during holidays
11/30 Vaccine for Food Poisoning Possible
11/30 Scientists Grow Virus Tied to Food Poisoning
11/30 Japan finds possible mad cow case in 20-month-old bull
11/30 [Food Safety] Selected Reading
11/29 EU Food Safety Agency Attacked for Pro-GMO Bias
11/29 Food agency communicates on mycotoxins
11/29 New EU regulation on sulphites in wine
11/29 Brits hire independent expert to review BSE controls
11/29 Infant foods in mycotoxin safety limits
11/29 UK researchers to unveil acrylamide findings
11/29 President, PM to meet on BSE
11/28 Bush visit likely to signal end to beef ban
11/28 Possible Botulism-Botox Link Probed
11/28 CWD is not spreading, tests show
11/28 Staff gets food-safety training
11/28 EU Food Safety Agency Attacked for Pro-GMO Bias
11/27 Longview Restaurants Patrolled By Inspector
11/27 New study by UGA researcher shows that Salmonella uses hydrogen as an energy
11/27 Health Officials Say Leave Wild Mushrooms to the Experts
11/26 Inspectors Find Food Safety Violations In Allegheny County Restaurants
11/25 2004/2005 Oxoid Food Safety and Hygiene Awards Now Open 

11/25 Survey Finds Little Mycotoxin in Baby Foods
11/25 Japan to send mad cow mission to US, Canada next wk
11/25 Regulators close in on mad cow testing goal
11/25 Killer fingertips can stop E. coli
11/24 KSU: How might consumers respond to additional cases of BSE?
11/24 Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)
11/24 Turkey hot lines 
11/24 WHEW!
11/24 More research on allergy risk of peanut oil
11/24 AMI: Possible BSE (Mad Cow) Test Ruled Negative
11/24 Scientists find new piece in peanut allergy puzzle
11/24 USDA to Keep Announcing Inconclusive Mad Cow Tests
11/24 Cattle Prices Rise as U.S. Finds No Evidence of Mad Cow Disease
11/24 Statement of CFA's Carol Tucker Foreman on Negative Result
11/24 NCBA Statement on USDA Announcement Regarding BSE Negative Test Result
11/24 USDA: Cow Confirmed to be Negative for BSE
11/24 Tests for Mad Cow Disease Negative, Agriculture Dept. Says
11/24 Preliminary Mad-Cow Test In US Is Confirmed Negative
11/24 Senator calls for USDA to ramp up BSE testing program
11/24 How long will it keep?
11/24 Florida panhandle oyster demand drops after deaths
11/24 Millions Who Suffer From Nut And Milk Allergies Could Benefit
11/24 Rinse the Turkey? Not So Fast
11/24 [UK] No decision on salmonella case
11/24 Hubby's habit is eating at her
11/24 Selected Reading: To irradiate or not to irradiate
11/24 Center for Global Food Issues Provides Information on Mad Cow Disease
11/24 Food Safety: Holiday care packages can offer troops a taste of home
11/24 Debate over food safety rules is still simmering
11/24 Holiday food safety suggestions served up
11/23. BBQ in Manukau launches Foodsafe week
11/23. Lead-tainted candy pulled
11/23. Easy ways to reduce risk of norovirus infection
11/23. US One Step Closer To Ending Ban on Imports of Live Canadian Cattle
11/23. Mad cow tests up; consumer advocates want more done
11/23. New BSE case not surprising
11/23. BSE case may level the playing field: Ritz
11/23. [Ireland] Trial of two facing BSE charges is adjourned
11/23. Livestock feed still can be contaminated
11/23. No restaurant inspections in PB County
11/23. Pregnant women warned on food safety
11/22. Short Course: Food Pasteurization With Electronic Irradiation
11/22. Irradiation and Food Safety
11/22. Maple Leaf Foods CEO calls for Canadian DNA meat tracing standard
11/22. FDA proposes draft guidance for industry for new plant varieties intended for food use
11/22. Most eateries rate as 'excellent' in October health inspections
11/22. FDA proposes guidance to evaluate plant proteins
11/21. Canadian beef might soon enter US market again
11/21. Center for Global Food Issues Provides Information on Mad Cow Disease
11/21. Livestock group protests timing of BSE test announcement
11/21. BSE case may level the playing field: Ritz
11/21. Deer Disease Found in Wyoming's Big Horns For First Time
11/21. S.Korea orders deer cull after CWD cases found
11/21. Pennsylvania Game Commission Prepares to Collect Samples for CWD Testing
11/20. Raw milk is a controversial but growing business
11/20. KUTV: What's Hiding in Your Child's Highchair?
11/20. Austria investigates slaughterhouse for selling salmonella-tainted chickens
11/20. New Protein Structure Is A First Step Toward Preventing E. Coli Diseases
11/20. Project says why hepatitis flourishes
11/20. Way forward for E.coli control in fermented sausages
11/20. Health Department investigating food poisoning from Alessi Bakery

11/20. Holiday Food Safety and Poison Prevention Advisory Issued by Giant Food and Maryland

11/20. Health Department investigating food poisoning from Alessi Bakery
11/19. Farm Bureau lauds Veneman for leadership
11/19. Cattle tracking tested to protect food
11/19. China's export food quality continues to rise
11/19. 11/19. Inconclusive BSE test: no cause for alarm, says USDA
11/19. AMI Assures Public That Regardless of Final BSE Test Results
11/19. Americans Urged Against Alarm As Mad Cow Tests Continue
11/19. New mad cow case likely, experts say
11/19. BSE inconclusive not expected to disrupt progress with Japan
11/19. NCBA Statement on USDA Announcement Regarding Inconclusive B
11/19. IS BSE BACK?
11/19. Restaurant food handler law takes effect January 1
11/19. Foodland Stores Now Offer Davidson's Pasteurized Eggs, the O
11/19. Antibiotic concerns trampled in study
11/19. What's Cooking?
11/19. Food irradiation, ongoing support from IFT
11/18. GOP Looking To Repeal Food Labeling Law
11/18. Perspective: Meat processing global editor Chris Harris look
11/18. Whole turkey should be cooked to 170 degrees F in the breast
11/18. Irradiation and food safety
11/18. New draft law released for plant products industry
11/18. State and local government working together on food safety
11/18. Fact sheets available to help food handlers
11/18. Meat retailers reminded about sulphur dioxide use
11/18. Fact sheets available on doner kebabs
11/18. NZ food review enters first phase of consultation
11/18. China to secure food safety
11/18. Agreement on international food safety standards moves into
11/18. USDA: More rigorous test methodology prompted BSE announcement
11/18. Canada expects more BSE cases
11/18. Food Allergy Not Tied to Stomach Reflux in Adults
11/18. Why so many have peanut allergies
11/18. Black Sea countries will create laboratory network to contro
11/18. CHRONOLOGY-Mad cow disease in the United States
11/18. Cattle Prices Tumble; U.S. May Have 2nd Case of Mad Cow Dise
11/18. More tests on 'inconclusive' mad cow screening
11/18. [Ghana] Don't drink Sere Aqua Filtered Drinking Water
11/18. Dirty Little Shopping Secrets
11/18. Dining on raw oysters could be deadly
11/18. A chilling chore
11/18. [Bermuda] Study: High mercury levels in babies
11/18. Meating of the minds
11/18. E. coli and the Fair
11/18. Food codes guide officials
11/18. Hot enough? Cold enough? Clean enough? Your favorite
11/18. E.coli in Dried Sausage Able to Withstand Digestion Process
11/18. Glad Tidings to All: Holiday Food Safety Begins at Home
11/18. Irradiation Improves Safety of Food Supply Says Institute of
11/18. Make sure your turkey is safe
11/18. WHO says arsenic threatening rural Chinese drinking water
11/18. Scientists warn of undetected toxins in world's fish
11/17. Questions and Answers on the Court of Auditors report on the
11/17. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) Week 46
11/17. New trends, new pathogens
11/17. Safety drives effort to track farm animals
11/17. [Japan] Bananas must be listed on food labels to prevent allergies
11/17. New cases of mad cow would not be surprising, says food insp
11/17. Asian nations still bar imports of U.S. beef
11/17. Beefed-up feed ban delayed
11/17. Campus to Test Response to Botulism Outbreak on Thursday
11/17. What's in your water?: Improper cleaning and reuse of plasti
11/17. Flexible Pouch Mated With Trigger Sprayer In First-Ever, New
11/17. Health inspectors rate restaurants
11/17. Drill dealing with outbreak of norovirus tests nerves, logis
11/17. Humatech's European Distributor Awarded Key Food Safety Cert
11/17. Eatery shut by poisonings reopens
11/16. A Legacy Defined By Mad Cow And Mixed Land-Use Reviews
11/16. Research findings unveiled on common and unusual allergies
11/16. Apocalypse Cow producer blames government for BSE crisis
11/16. BC-Mad
11/16. Application update on EU feed and food regulations
11/16. FSANZ 2003-04 Annual Report now available
11/16. Food safety new front in war against terrorism
11/16. Interactive turkey guide
11/16. Cesarean birth linked to food sensitivities
11/16. NCGA Members Discuss Aflatoxin Research with Multi-Crop Work
11/16. Local Expert Gives Oyster Safety Tips
11/16. What's in your food?
11/16. Food handlers in training for Jan. 1 certification deadline
11/16. Food safety a must during holiday season
11/16. Food safety gave challenge to Veneman
11/16. USDA Hotline Offers Safe Holiday Turkey Basics (Windows Media File)
11/15. Paprika Panic
11/15. [HK] Food safety standards high, tests show
11/15. UK: sudan recall continues
11/15. Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman Resigns
11/15. USDA's Technical Center Posts Tonsil Removal Information
11/14. Dynavax Peanut Immunotherapy Inhibits Allergic Response in P
11/14. Scientists are in dispute over acrylamide
11/13. Gene shields some from human version of mad cow disease
11/13. BSE 'link to different CJD types'
11/13. Food allergy vaccine effective in dogs
11/13. Tesco fined for mouldy food
11/12. Food bioterrorism preparedness
11/12. OzFoodNet - foodborne illnesses in Australia 2003
11/12. OzFoodNet - collaborating nationally to investigate foodborn
11/12. Enterobacter sakazakii
11/12. Persistence of norovirus
11/12. EU survey of the prevalence of salmonella in laying flocks
11/12. Food Safety Net Services, Ltd. now offering Specified Risk M
11/12. November issue of FSA News now online
11/12. Risk assessment forum: A European network has been created t
11/12. Warning about preparing food for the elderly
11/12. Food allergen law could cause unintended reaction
11/12. Massive work in drafting Canada cattle rule SDA
11/12. Knowlton winner Joel Johnson urges industry to stay vigilant
11/12. Flavoured oils: create a superb oil safely
11/12. Dutch dioxin scare spreads to France and Spain
11/12. Airlines agree to drinking water tests
11/12. France investigates potential dioxin contamination
11/12. Operators must do more to ensure future of food safety
11/12. Dutch authorities probe fries maker in dioxin scare
11/11. Picture for U.S. beef exports still unclear, export chairman
11/11. AMI Foundation's Listeria Workshop Met Maximum Capacity
11/11. University of Iowa develops food allergy clinic
11/11. [Hungary] Parliamentary paprika inquiry
11/11. The cause of sporadic CJD is unknown
11/11. [N. Ireland] FARMER CONVICTED
11/11. BSE study eyes human form
11/11. What's Lurking In Your Water Bottle?
11/11. Search for new antibiotics not easy
11/11. Millions Who Suffer from Nut and Milk Allergies Could Benefi
11/11. Arsenic one of the most lethal poisons on earth
11/11. Herbal Tea for Infant Colic Unsafe
11/11. Batter Tasting Encouraged - Cook & Bake Without Fear of Salmonella
11/11. Food poisoning risk for elderly
11/10. Airlines agree to new EPA drinking water tests
11/10. US To Press South Korea To Lift Ban On Beef, Oranges
11/10. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)
11/10. NCBA statement regarding European Union hormone ban
11/10. New feed body promises to ensure supply chain safety
11/10. Romania withdraws two tonnes of tainted paprika
11/10. ANTSZ lifts paprika ban on 20 more products
11/10. USDA's Veneman Awaits Bush Decision on Her Job
11/10. Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Caesars Entertainment Ove
11/10. An ounce of prevention aids ailing travelers
11/10. [Ghana] Krobo holds farmers rally
11/09. BSE update
11/09. NMA pursuing its interest in litigation
11/09. Draft: containment standards for laboratories, animal facili
11/09. Draft - code of practice for the food importing industry in
11/09. Province extends safe water deadline
11/09. DuPont Qualicon hosts food safety forum
11/09. Japanese meat executives arrested, charged with fraud
11/09. Texas firm expands canned turkey recall
11/09. Monthly Ingestion Appears To Boost Peanut Tolerance In Child
11/09. [Japan] Fujichiku boss among latest meat fraud arrests
11/09. Germs, Germs Everywhere. Are You Worried? Get Over It.
11/09. Bottled water is no better, and may be worse, than tap
11/09. Eat At Your Own Risk: Bakeries
11/09. EFSA experts measure food contact risk
11/09. Tracking Fluoride in the National Food Supply
11/08. Sit-down service goes skimpy on food safety
11/08. Let's talk turkey & other holiday food safety issues
11/08. Food safety issues for persons living with HIV/AIDS
11/08. National antibiotic resistance monitoring system for enteric
11/08. Integrated disease surveillance project – India
11/08. Bacteria Found in Bottled Mineral Water
11/08. USDA Offers Tips on Safe And Easy Thanksgiving Cooking
11/08. Food report opens whole can of words
11/08. National Verified Beef Production program receives recogniti
11/08. Call for papers: Special issues on food concerns
11/08. EU requests WTO to confirm that there is no justification fo
11/08. Germany seals off a fourth farm in dioxin scare
11/08. Tests vital to BSE battle: Producers asked to help authoriti
11/08. Microchip to track Canadian livestock right to consumer's pl
11/08. China blames 97 over milk scandal
11/08. All Wayne Farms plants now NFPA-SAFE audited
11/08. Dioxin traces found in European animal feed
11/08. Bulgarian beef not properly tested for BSE?
11/07. Dioxin scare highlights value of EU tracking system
11/07. Sudan food recall grows
11/07. Dutch potato contamination highlights traceability issue
11/07. [USA, NH] Food allergy group to meet at hospital
11/07. New Filter Cleans Human Form of Mad Cow Disease from Blood
11/07. [CA, USA] State issues warning against bacteria in raw seafood
11/06. Representatives from Major U.S. Food Companies Attend Forum
11/06. Germs a bugbear even in the cleanest homes
11/06. Take A Bite Out of Restaurant Blunders
11/06. School Food Inspections Could Ruin Appetite
11/06. [S. Africa] Department to highlight food safety standards
11/06. [UK] Safety expert calls for end to BSE cattle culls
11/05. These Cows Carry ID
11/05. Dutch dioxin scare extends into Germany, Belgium
11/05. Warnex expands reach in European market
11/05. Philadelphia IFT offers scholarships
11/05. Guest Editorial: "Of mad cows and junk science"
11/05. Dr. Elsa Murano Resigns as Under Secretary for Food Safety a
11/05. Kids Can Outgrow Food Allergies
11/05. Food ban particulars being put together
11/05. Grants help scientists unlock secrets of biofilms, CWD
11/05. Deer, elk killed at Delavan farm over concerns about CWD
11/05. DNR staff reminds hunters where to bring in deer for CWD tes
11/05. FDA refuses entry of frozen food consignments from Banglades
11/05. Grading cafeterias
11/05. Escherichia coli O157:H7 Frequently Asked Questions
11/05. [Belgium] Pigs killed in poison feed scare
11/05. EFSA clears flavourings
11/05. [Australia-New Zealand] Food recalls 'on the increase'
11/05. [New Zealand] Pesticides found in 'organic' food
11/05. [Switzerland] Inspectors pick out poisonous fungi
11/04. Biological safety - salmonella and food-borne diseases
11/04. Food safety concerns answered
11/04. International health regulations
11/04. High interest in Domestic Food Review leads to workshops
11/04. Droves of diners check for dirt; Traffic on region's website
11/04. Five Prominent Food Safety Issues in China
11/04. Workshop: Rapid Methods and Automation in Microbiology
11/03. [Canada] Dear food law guy
11/03. Focus on disease: BSE, foot and mouth disease, and avian inf
11/03. Product of the week: Iconotech’s recently developed Sidewinder
11/03. Dutch close 140 livestock farms over dioxin scare
11/03. Water, sewer rules jeopardize coffee stands in Spokane, Wash
11/03. Canada to expand slaughterhouses to absorb beef surplus
11/03. French goat tests positive for BSE
11/03. Be careful with unpasturized juices, says FDA
11/03. Researchers tracking sources of arsenic contamination in wat
11/03. Scientists play down possibility of BSE jumping species
11/03. [Canada] New program offers $225 for ‘4D’ cattle
11/03. Salmonella test method for poultry to Japan
11/02. BSE update
11/02. Beef ban tied to presidential election?
11/02. Cooking and prions
11/02. York, Pa., restaurant fixes violations after failing health
11/02. Berry phenol fights harmful bacteria in gut
11/02. Benefits of antibiotics in chickens may outweigh risks
11/02. Safety of food supplies is assured
11/02. Scientists to use DNA to track C. difficile
11/02. A look at the FDA's Produce Safety Action Plan
11/02. Man Accused of Poisoning Company's Coffee
11/02. Canadians Detect Zero Cases of BSE; Testing Program Exceeds
11/01. Allergy Expo(TM) to launch in Canada
11/01. 'High levels' of bacteria found in bottled water
11/01. Emerging infectious diseases: Review of state and federal di
11/01. Canadian Cattlemen for Fair Trade launch 0 million damage cl
11/01. Aluminium in food and water
11/01. No food added; toxins like these would cause an uproar in th
11/01. Consumer awareness of RFID Grows

11/01. Study: 'Organic' beef no safer than alternative


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