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11/28. Lansing company keeps holiday indulgences safe

11/28. Food Safety Implications of Nanotechnology on Agenda of WHO, FAO

11/28. FDA Rolls Out Food Safety Plan

11/28. TFAH Statement: FDA Food Protection Plan is Insufficient

11/28. F.D.A. Details Its Food Safety Campaign

11/28. Food poisoning toxins fingered

11/28. FDA Blasted on Melamine Contaminated Infant Formula

11/28. Food crunch opens doors to bioengineered crops

11/28. Hearing aims to clear air on labeling of milk

11/28. Raw milk demand growing in state

11/28. Trace Levels of Melamine In Formula Called Safe

11/28. EU Measures Pay Off as Melamine Detected in Chinese-Imported Organic Soya


11/26. Transmission of Atypical Bovine Prions to Transgenic Mice

11/26. Steer Clear of Flatbed Chicken Trucks

11/26. Natural, organic poultry food-safety research set

11/26. Safe food comes from animals that are healthy

11/26. Goat cheese sparks listeriosis scare in Santiago de Chile

11/26. Lindsay jail among seven possibly exposed to Listeria

11/26. Vaccinating all livestock makes no sense, says scientist

11/26. Cranberry marinade makes turkeys safer

11/26. Ailing FDA May Need a Major Overhaul, Officials and Groups Say

11/26. Changing turkeys’ diets prevents foodborne ills

11/26. Law to allow chefs to buy direct from farms

11/26. FDA finds traces of melamine in US infant formula


11/25. UK: Monthly report of SRM and other BSE control breaches

11/25. UK: Melamine update: 25 November 2008

11/25. Humans Prompted New Paths for Parasites

11/25. Austrian ministry links GM corn to infertility

11/25. Half of Americans losing trust in food supply

11/25. Allergen-based food contamination -- and what we're told

11/25. Holiday Meals Rife With (Safe) Carcinogens!

11/25. Variant of Mad Cow Disease May Be Transmissible to Humans

11/25. Are pill-popping turkeys a danger?

11/25. Healthy livestock can carry harmful bacteria

11/25. Fish & Shellfish Top CSPI Outbreak List

11/25. Food safety conference in Dubai

11/25. APEC Launches Partnership Training Institute Network for Food Safety

11/25. High Growth Reported for the World Food Safety Testing Market


11/24. Lawsuit Filed in Nevada Botulism Case

11/24. Japan: 3-star restaurant recalls bacteria-tainted beans

11/24. Taking the gross out of the grocery cart

11/24. UK: Fresh basil linked to salmonella cases

11/24. New mad-cow rule poses health dangers of its own

11/24. Feds file lawsuit against organic dairy in California


11/21. UK: Melamine update: 21 November 2008

11/21. Children at risk in food roulette

11/21. Drinking milk may lessen allergy symptoms

11/21. Australia: Family sues smallgoods company over death

11/21. ISU Seeks Link Between Pathogens and Illness

11/21. Raw eggs, minus the risk: Area firm makes cookie dough safe

11/21. Is There A Concern About Melamine For the United States?


11/20. Campden BRI fosters discussion on hygiene guide

11/20. FDA sends inspectors to China

11/20. Salmonella Saintpaul report provides recommendations

11/20. Guidance on E. coli testing claims on labels issued

11/20. City considers salmonella claims

11/20. AP NewsBreak: Eatery in E. coli outbreak to open

11/20. More research needed into foodborne diseases: WHO

11/20. University of Minnesota leads collaboration on global food safety

11/20. China to overhaul battered dairy industry


11/19. Antibiotic resistant E.coli could spread, warns Soil Association

11/19. New bacteria species may spoil refrigerated raw milk

11/19. Russia Bans Pork From Indiana Plant On Salmonella In Shipment

11/19. We should have spoken up on Listeria: food agency

11/19. Put Food Safety On The Menu

11/19. AVMA Launches 'Chew on This' Podcast Series on Food Safety

11/19. FDA Sending Inspectors to Other Nations

11/18. Curry spice may blunt acrylamide’s harm: Study

11/18. Canada confirms 16th case of BSE

11/18. Mutant strain of superbug E.coli found on British farm

11/18. Tainted meats point to superbug C. diff in food

11/18. U.S. Pushes for New Strategy on Product Safety


11/17. Open Letter to a New Under-Secretary for Food Safety - FSIS

11/17. Canada confirms 15th case of mad cow disease

11/17. Maple Leaf CEO's memos give glimpse of struggles with Listeria

11/17. New Bacteria Discovered In Raw Milk

11/17. E. coli found in bottled water: FSA

11/17. Swaziland: Govt embarks on food safety control project

11/17. Europe, China sign consumer safety agreement

11/17. Salmonella Saintpaul Outbreak Exposes Food Safety Weaknesses

11/17. FDA to Open China Offices After Product Scares


11/14. UK: Melamine update: 14 November 2008

11/14. Extra insurance for ripple effect after food safety scare

11/14. Molecule in red meat, milk linked to cancer progression

11/14. New meat, meat safety videos added to A.M.I.F. series

11/14. Norway: Avoid sausages from Finsbråten

11/14. JRC, EFSA Sign Food, Feed Safety Agreement

11/14. Secret Ingredients

11/14. EPA Advisers Seek Perchlorate Review

11/14. F.D.A. Detains Chinese Imports for Testing

11/14. U.S. Restricts China Milk Products


11/13. FDA gears up for food safety rule revision

11/13. Experts believe new President will boost FDA oversight

11/13. Topps Settles E. coli O157:H7 Illnesses Stemming from 2007 Outbreak

11/13. Food shopping carts found to be germier than public toilets

11/13. Salmonella Danger from Dry Pet Food

11/13. The Nanotech Antidote to Food Poisoning

11/13. FDA to Begin Food CGMP Survey Pretest

11/13. Consumers want more and tougher food safety efforts

11/13. Ohio State survey: Food safety concerns increasing

11/13. FDA to detain some food shipments from China


11/12. Melamine update: 11 November 2008

11/12. Salmonella Strains in Humans Distinct from Animals

11/12. CFIA links Canada’s 13th BSE case to commercial feed

11/12. July 2007 Castleberry Botulism Outbreak Settled

11/12. Invention: Excrement Antibiotic

11/12. Fault found in baby-food plant: Factory founder made improvements

11/11. Foodborne Illness—Information Gaps Erode The Supply Of Safety

11/11. Traceability Software meets needs of produce industry

11/11. PRICE to give EU food safety training to Dept of Fisheries

11/11. Safety of Ag Biotech Corn Reaffirmed by the EFSA

11/11. Revamping Oversight of Food Safety

11/11. Hong Kong Officials Find Toxic Chemical in Fish Feed


11/10. USDA: Tips To Safely Handle And Prepare Stuffing This Thanksgiving

11/10. Taiwan: Pact on food safety helps: DOH

11/10. Irradiation helps ensure food safety

11/10. About Norovireses

11/10. UK: Benn backs GM food safety

11/10. Repeat performance for food safety conference


11/07. UK: Melamine update: 7 November 2008

11/07. Regulation overhaul urged after Listeria outbreak

11/07. Chinese Food Products and the Law - A Trial Lawyer in China

11/07. How France hid its own mad cow disease epidemic

11/07. CFIA to launch new listeria testing protocols

11/07. Germs lurking on shopping carts


11/07. The FDA Under Obama


11/06. China promises to improve food safety

11/06. Inspection agency says mad cow in B.C. animal likely came from feed

11/06. EU launches food safety awareness project in Krygystan

11/06. Canadian retailers make food safety key priority

11/06. UK: Shellfish seized from Forth

11/06. Obama expected to bolster FDA oversight of imports

11/06. China points finger at foreign milk products


11/05. Powdered Milk Helps Kids Overcome Milk Allergy

11/05. State Study Finds Salmonella In Chicken

11/05. For food industry leaders, a meeting worth its salt

11/05. Mushroom institute finishes food safety audit

11/05. Maple Leaf names new food-safety chief


11/04. China's Bureaucracy Stymies Food Safety

11/04. China's Melamine Woes Likely to Get Worse

11/04. Better food-safety alert system urged

11/04. BSE Testing Hot Topic on “Boston Legal”

11/04. UK: 14 cases of 'mad cow disease' found in NI herds

11/04. US: Irradiated lettuce safe, beneficial

11/04. SAFETY: Tainted chocolate investigation expands

11/04. Research aims to reduce E. coli rates in rural regions


11/03. Adv Food Pathogen Detection at Int'l Travel Catering Exhibition in Dubai

11/03. FSIS: new guidance to inspectors for E. coli testing in raw beef

11/03. Pros and Cons of Commercial Irradiation – Part III. Food Quality

11/03. Listeria warning over chilled foods

11/03. UK: Consultation on proposed changes to BSE testing

11/03. Open sesame

11/03. Tainting of Milk Is Open Secret in China

11/03. China ready to shore up food safety


11/02. EU agency says French GMO maize ban unjustified

11/02. U of Manitoba Recommends Streamlining of Canada's Food Safety System

11/02. Attorney Alert: Food Safety Subject of CLE Teleconference

11/02. Penn Ag, Health Secretaries Kick Off Statewide Food Safety Tour

11/01. Antioxidants Can Reduce The Toxic Effects Of Lead, Study Suggests

11/01. Jury Rules on Causation in Food Poisoning Case

11/01. Wal-Mart Pulled Hanwei Eggs From The Shelves Across China

11/01. Editorial Opinion: Is it possible to make food 100% safe?

11/01. Quotable Quotes

11/01. FSIS provides new guidance to inspectors for E. coli testing in raw beef

11/01. Chinese Regulators Destroy Tons of Tainted Animal Feed



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