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12/30. Possible new BSE case in Canada
12/30. FSIS offers new scenario addressing humane ritual slaughter
12/29. Dead squirrel blamed for E. coli contamination in water
12/29. FDA Still Investigating Salmonella Tomatoes
12/29. Woman sues Sheetz
12/29. No Answers in Salmonella Outbreak
12/29. Campylobacter cases at spring high (NZ)
12/29. Bill may ban schools from purchasing treated poultry Published
12/29. Why is Gov. Warner’s pro-pasteurization stance causing such a commotion?
12/29. R-CALF files comments on proposed BSE rule
12/29. Food poisoning sickens more than 100 in Wisconsin
12/29. USDA reopens Canadian border to live cattle imports
12/29. FSIS Issues Notice For HACCP Reassessments At Plants That Slaughter Young Cattle
12/29. New Year's Resolutions to Keep You Safe
12/29. Public Meeting to Address Codex Committee on Food Labeling

12/28. Farmers feed cattle beer
12/28. Possible foot-and-mouth outbreak in Brazil
12/28. New USDA testing facility to evaluate meat safety and quality
12/28. CJD risk warning may be exaggerated
12/28. Mad Cow Rules Violated by Meat Plants
12/28. Asian Death Toll Rises to 45,000
12/28. USDA’s new website
12/28. For your safety, take precautions if you get a gift of homemade food
12/28. Public Health hopes to breathe new life into Food Safety Task Force
12/28. Advocates of raw milk form dairy underground
12/28. Health Tip: Mail-Order Food Gifts
12/27. Four States Petition EPA For Food Safety
12/27. Food Safety Network Encourages Consumers to Think 'Food Safety'
12/27. Festive food safety warning leaflets
12/27. Mad cow case focused public attention on food safety
12/27. New law boosts food safety rules
12/26. Dead squirrel blamed for E. coli contamination in water
12/26. Canadian Man Jailed for Role in E. Coli Outbreak
12/26. North Carolina E coli outbreak traced to petting zoo

12/25. Salmonella at Sheetz still mystery
12/25. A New Vaccine Against Enteritidis Salmonella
12/25. BEEF INDUSTRY | Did Americans underreact to mad cow disease?
12/24. FSIS Issues Notice to Young Calf Slaughter Plants
12/24. Lack of beef over mad cow hurts food safety
12/23. Is organic food healthier? Claims questioned
12/23. Fast food giant is fined £13,000
12/22. National BSE surveillance reimbursement program
12/22. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)
12/22. Really?: The claim: reusing plastic bottles can be hazardous to your health
12/22. 3,600 fine for the sale of honey containing sugar from cane/corn
12/22. Central Boeki Ltd. receives 4,000 fine for illegally selling fish
12/22. [Austral] Food agency and hospitality association work together on innovative products
12/22. [Australia] State and local government working together on food safety
12/22. Praise for seafood industry on food safety
12/22. On-farm food safety program for Canadian cattle
12/22. Lethal milkshakes
12/22. Contaminating the facts
12/22. Food poisoning could dampen Christmas spirit
12/22. Florida takes off the gloves when it comes to food safety
12/22. E.U. BSE UPDATE
12/22. Union head charges that SRM regulations are ineffective
12/22. FDA to conduct consumer food-safety survey
12/22. Union head charges that SRM regulations are ineffective
12/22. FDA issues ginseng warning
12/22. Cal Dooley Named NFPA President and CEO
12/22. Essential oils combat MRSA bacteria
12/22. A Year After Mad Cow, Ranchers Rejoice
12/22. Undercooked turkeys can harbour superbugs
12/22. Egg substitutes help concoct safe nog
12/22. Essential oils could combat MRSA
12/22. Houseflies May Contract E coli from Cattle
12/22. Health officials warn of risk from raw oysters
12/22. Harmful Poultry Bacterium May Survive Refrigeration and Frozen Storage Combined
12/22. Year later, food safety promises unfulfilled
12/21. Mad cow-animal ID
12/21. Beaver County, Pa., Residents sue restaurant chain for hepatitis outbreak
12/21. Food safety facts for the holidays
12/21. Christmas gift of sickness
12/21. U.S. Food Supply Vulnerable to Contamination by Drugs
12/21. Japanese ban on U.S. beef still in place?
12/21. Russia warns of violations within food supplement sector
12/21. Cattle Update: U.S. Beef Industry Leaders Make Unprecedented Trip To Japan
12/21. U.S. beef clears int'l trade standard: U.S. industry official
12/21. Fla. Docs Punished for Unapproved Botulism
12/21. Monitoring suspended doctors can be difficult task for state
12/21. Eatery fails, then rates an 'excellent'
12/21. Food Safe International -- Apollo Scientific Group to Set Sights
12/21. Federal Meat Inspectors Claim Meat Plants Are Violating BSE Rules
12/21. New Computer Program Predicts Mycotoxin Levels in Corn
12/20. Canada-E coli
12/20. The politics of contaminated feed: Public relations
12/20. "Food Safety: From the Surface Up" conference
12/20. Canada denies adulterated feed poses BSE risk
12/20. Holiday foods can be hazardous
12/20. Thousands of people may be carrying mad cow disease
12/20. US Meat Plants Violating Mad Cow Rules-Inspectors
12/19. Drug sales may offer early warning for tainted water outbreaks
12/19. Protecting yourself from food poisoning
12/19. Protecting beef supply — one cow at a time
12/19. Traveling safely with turkey dinner
12/19. Canadian Food Inspection Agency responds to feed industry tests
12/19. Food additives and GM foods to change status in Australian food code?
12/18. [India] Regulatory body on food safety to be proposed in Budget session
12/18. New MMSD Food Allergy Plan In The Works
12/18. Small town suffers from food poisoning
12/17. ECDC director chosen at second management board meeting
12/17. Trends in antimicrobial resistance in Europe
12/17. International Food Distance Education Certificate courses
12/17. Tests didn't show mad cow risk, chief federal vet says
12/17. BSE agent in goat tissue: precautions discussed
12/17. Some canned fish safer for women in childbearing years
12/17. Japan, U.S. in Talks to Review Cattle Testing Methods
12/17. Bioterrorism emergency contact database to serve food industry
12/17. Sixth Dutch BSE case found; 26 cattle destroyed
12/17. Possible vCJD cure identified
12/17. Improved Latex Gloves Diminish Risks Of Allergy
12/17. Holidays especially risky for those with food allergies
12/17. [NCBA] BSE announcement method questioned
12/17. [Switzerland] Tide turns in battle against BSE
12/17. Three Yale scientists receive Ellison Medical Foundation awards
12/17. Food Safety: Minimizing The Risk Of Food Terrorism
12/17. A new vaccine against Salmonella Enteritidis
12/17. Sweden warns of salmonella in Italian arugula salad
12/17. [NC] State investigators find cause of E. coli outbreak
12/17. CKSD’s food safety program a model for other school districts
12/17. 'Meaty' Advice for Holiday Cooks
12/17. Guinn: Food safety questions for the holidays
12/17. Food-Supply Safety Looms As A Vast Issue
12/16. Bacteria levels in wilderness water tested
12/16. Bush it back: Some Implications for the Canadian food industry
12/16. The top ten unfounded health scares of 2004
12/16. November restaurant closures
12/16. Toxin Alert awards European license
12/16. New Sensory Testing Facility Open
12/16. Regulations amending the Meat Inspection Regulations, 1990
12/16. UK beef producers demand to know when 30 month rule will end
12/16. Common consumer products with antibacterial agent [Triclosan]
12/16. Health agency hires IBM to develop system to detect disease
12/16. The changing face of food safety
12/16. Some canned fish safer for childbearing women
12/16. FDA criticized for 'loopholes' in BSE feed ban
12/16. [Canada] Secret tests reveal cattle feed contaminated by animal
12/16. Do you really know what goes into getting your food to the table?
12/16. Scientists watching for CWD in humans
12/16. Some Canned Fish Safer for Women in Childbearing Years
12/16. Mad cow case focused public attention on food safety
12/16. Food alerts underline safety needs
12/16. New classroom course designed for food safety
12/16. Bean caterer avoids punishment
12/15. In Global Food-Trade Skirmish, Safety Is The Weapon Of Choice
12/15. Ontario government ensures best water protection in North America
12/15. [New Zealand] Imports review report released
12/15. It's holiday time and the food looks great, but be careful
12/15. Food Briefs - [Answers to Consumer Food Safety Questions]
12/15. Heavy Metal Content of Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine Products
12/15. Research Cites Possible Harm From East Indian Supplements
12/15. Cuba Re-opens Border to Canadian Beef, Beef Products
12/15. Press Release Source: IMS Inc.
12/15. [v]CJD: Has this Lancashire doctor found the answer?
12/15. New study shows how mad cow prions hitch a ride into intestine
12/15. Cantwell To Push FDA To Close Mad Cow Feed Loopholes
12/15. [China] Closure threat to unlicensed eateries
12/15. Health matters: Hand-washing really IS that important to avoid illnesses
12/15. Government Prepares For Bioterrorism Threat
12/15. Costs high from illness
12/15. [Editorial] Irradiated food causes controversy
12/15. Review advises closer watch on food imports
12/15. Statement of Dr. Barbara J. Masters Acting Administrator, FSIS
12/15. Holiday Food Safety and Poison Prevention Advisory
12/15. [Japan] Top court rejects state appeal in 1996 food poisoning case
12/14. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)
12/14. Traceability technology puts Albany plant on cutting edge
12/14. Canada Puts Price Tag on New Mad Cow Feed Rules
12/14. United States will offer grading system to verify cattle age to Japan
12/14. Nuts can be kiss of death
12/14. Rainbow curbs food shelf donations
12/14. Food Standards Agency revises chromium picolinate advice, UK
12/14. [China] New food safety norms to be fixed
12/13. Authorities killed healthy bull over mad-cow fears
12/13. More training for water managers promised: Province aims to prevent
12/13. Shared nightmare over the food supply
12/13. Shared Nightmare Over The Food Supply
12/13. New regulations proposed for BSE-related feed controls
12/13. FSANZ expands its expertise
12/13. What are dioxins? Why the concern?
12/13., Inc. Receives an Equipment Re-order from Premium
12/13. [Australia] Chooks processed in bathroom
12/13. USDA: More mad cow testing to show safety of beef supply
12/12. USDA issues status report on Canadian border
12/12. NFPA Applauds Nomination of Michael Leavitt As HHS Secretary
12/12. “A Few Beefs with Anti-Meatheads”
12/12. Canada Proposes SRM Ban for Animal Feed
12/12. USDA working on more tests for mad cow disease
12/12. Proposed changes would ban BSE-related material from pet food, fertilizer
12/12. US aims to resume beef exports to Japan
12/11. British sufferer of madcow disease no longer 'terminally ill': dad
12/11. CFIA Offers Limited BSE Reimbursement
12/11. Rumors about venison debunked
12/11. Nebraska Deer Tests Positive for CWD
12/11. Reporter easily passes food manager certification test
12/11. Antibiotic Use In Cattle Falls Decline Of Controversial Practice
12/11. CDC and the Clean Hands Coalition Highlight Shining Soaper-Stars
12/11. Rapid Microbiology Methods in Pharmaceuticals - Meetings in USA and Europe
12/10. OCM – Mandatory COOL Needed for Food Safety
12/10. [UK] Suspect meat is seized at foodstore
12/10. The EU biotech regulatory process - A new Tower of Babel
12/10. Humatech Expands on Importance of Being Awarded Key Food Safety
12/10. FDA publishes final food recordkeeping rules
12/10. Russia drags food regulations into line with EU
12/10. FDA to Conduct a 2005 Food Safety Survey
12/10. Growing out of food allergies
12/10. Keep the Holidays Joyous and Safe for Those with Food Allergies
12/10. [Iowa] Results on testing of Iowa deer to be ready in February
12/10. [Wisconsin] CWD Moving North
12/10. 6 Oceana food establishments win health department awards
12/10. McGuinty warns farmers of new regulations to better protect food
12/10. [UK] Beware the shops selling food past use-by dates
12/10. Ohio Health Groups Praise Hagan Bill
12/09. Human prion protein with valine 129 prevents expression of variant CJD phenotype
12/09. Holiday food safety tips from Tyson Foods
12/09. CSPI on latest food bioterrorism regulation
12/09. ”Carcass Disposal: A Comprehensive Review" now available
12/09. Dramatic shift in the epidemiology of Salmonella enterica serotype Enteritidis phage
12/09. International trends in salmonella serotypes 1998-2003
12/09. Center offers programs on protecting food supply
12/09. Report indicates Japanese border opening still a long time away
12/09. IKE Scenario Regarding Listeria Control for RTE Products Is Available Online
12/09. Monsters from outer space
12/09. Sweeter: BSE false alarm damages cattle market for no reason
12/09. Opinion: USDA 'transparency' policy needs revamping
12/09. Raw oysters, clams can be deadly to some people any time of year
12/09. [Northern Ireland] Campaign for healthy Christmas
12/09. Keep your guard up, producers told
12/09. Drive-thru bake sale
12/09. [Trinidad & Tobago] Blackout on results of Arima food safety study
12/09. European Distributor Awarded Key Food Safety Certification
12/08. [New Zealand] Domestic Food Review – fifth paper released
12/08. [UK-FSA] Strategic plan 2005-10 published
12/08. Agency warns against relaxing standards
12/08. Two restaurants face food-safety fines
12/08. Consumers Union launches food-safety Web site
12/08. KWV pours away 67,000 litres of tampered wine
12/08. Farm to fork traceability for the fruit sector
12/08. FDA Announces New Regulation to Combat Bio-Terrorism
12/08. School Bans Nut Products, Citing Child's Allergies
12/08. U.S. data on beef production vary according to farms
12/08. [UK] New strain of scrapie hits sheep industry
12/08. Hope still only refuge in BSE crisis
12/08. Pall Corp Prion Removal Technology Features at Conference
12/08. PERSPECTIVE: Effect of Lifting the UK Over 30 Month Rule
12/08. Pure H20 Bio-Technologies, Inc. Announces Khandaker Partners, Inc.
12/08. Furanone – A new class of antimicrobial agent
12/08. New weapon in germ warfare: 'Jamming' bacteria signals stops cholera
12/08. Yolo health officer urges food safety
12/08. Restaurant reopens after being cleared in deaths
12/08. Handling safety
12/08. Health matters: Festivities can bring foodborne illnesses
12/08. FDA Finalizes Plan To Protect Food Supply From Terrorist Attack
12/08. Food Safety Warning
12/08. [Indiana] State law mandates new food safety rules
12/08. Dishing Up Food Safety In Madison Restaurants
12/08. New threat to aviation
12/08. [Philippines] Solon seeks probe of food quality in restaurants
12/08. FDA Adopts Rule to Improve Food, Feed Safety
12/07. Magazine Selects Wegmans as Meat & Deli Retailer of the Year
12/07. From the Editor's Desk - FOOD IRRADIATION UPDATE
12/07. Quotable Quotes
12/07. [Canada] Regulations amending the Health of Animals Regulations
12/07. [Canada] Daily Catch Seafoods fined $5,000 for selling toxic shellfish
12/07. [Ireland] Two closure orders served in November
12/07. December issue of FSA News now online
12/07. [UK] Guidance on new food contact regulations published by FSA Scotland
12/07. FSANZ issues new advice for the preparation of raw cassava and bamboo shoots
12/07. JAPAN: Japan introduces new internet-based beef tracking system
12/07. FSIS report: RTE products safer from listeria
12/07. USDA pressured to cease announcing suspect BSE cases
12/07. Japan Says Unsure of Timing on U.S. Beef Imports
12/07. Shigella Infections
12/07. [Hong Kong] Hip coffee chain branches unlicensed
12/07. When It Comes To Food Safety, Who's Watching The Watchdogs?
12/07. How Carbs Can Make Burgers Safer
12/07. New rules aim to track contaminated food in bioterror attack
12/07. Teen charged with poisoning CHP officer
12/07. [UK FSA] Latest Research Requirements Document
12/06. Prion dormancy and disease
12/06. Proof that your children can make you sick!
12/06. Understanding the combatants in the war on food producers
12/06. FDA posts 2005 food safety program priorities
12/06. Plant-based diet also enhances recovery from shigellosis
12/06. 'Ideal environment' for germ led to illnesses at Ohio McDonald's, report says
12/06. e economics of food safety: The case of green onions and Hepatitis A outbreaks
12/06. Preventing foodborne diseases: a poster and a manual on the 5 keys to safer food
12/06. Information by country now available in the WHO/Europe food safety site
12/06. Safe Drinking Water - A new book by Dr. Steve Hrudey
12/06. Food Safety and Quality Update
12/05. Organic Trade Association addresses FDA report finding perchlorate
12/05. Contagious acute gastrointestinal infections
12/05. Thompson Says More Money Needed for U.S. Food Safety
12/05. Food Supply Is Secure, FDA Says
12/05. FDA issues regulations on food bioterror records
12/05. Bioterrorism Act Regulations
12/05. Jamaica Opens the Door to U.S. Beef
12/05. Egg Allergy Diet
12/05. Japanese assess mad cow progress
12/05. UK moves to lift BSE restrictions
12/05. Jamaica Lifts U.S. Beef Ban
12/04. Italy Detects Latest Case of Mad Cow
12/04. The raw facts
12/04. Rise seen in sale of raw milk
12/04. Study urges caution in contaminant source tracking
12/04. Coloured signs will tell diners if food is safe
12/04. Pesticide 'fears' over food tests
12/04. New rules require better food records
12/04. FSA flags up new food research opportunities
12/04. [UK] More recalls for illegal red food colour
12/04 Bush Downplays Concern of Terror Attack on Food
12/04 Norovirus Grown in Lab for the First Time
12/03 [Thailand] PM to turn noodle chef for food safety campaign
12/03 USDA says new Listeria rule has made a difference
12/03 Thompson resigns as HHS secretary; warns of food risks
12/03 [Spokane, WA] Some Drive-Through Espresso Stands Face Shutdown
12/03 Reaction to Johanns nomination mixed
12/03 Cal Dooley Named New NFPA President and CEO
12/03 Japanese assess mad cow progress
12/03 R-Calf: USDA Exhibits Disregard for Agency Policy with Continued Incongruous
12/03 Surry County Officials Allow Restaurant To Re-Open
12/03 Guinn: Foodborne diseases constantly changing
12/03 Food banned in Milford classrooms
12/03 [Singapore] Food manufacturers urged to adopt HACCP accreditation
12/02 Nebraska Governor Chosen to Head Agriculture Department
12/02 2005 annual meat conference to feature choice of tours
12/02 ISU reviews, seeks to improve students’ ideas of food safety
12/02 Preparing food for young children
12/02 Black widows hitchhike to Canada as growers use spiders for pest control
12/02 FDA posts 2005 food safety program priorities
12/02 NFPA Applauds Nomination of Mike Johanns As USDA Secretary
12/02 FSIS Report Shows Food Safety Improvements
12/02 Lacto Pafi effective against E.coli
12/02 Food Presentations Might Belie Kitchen Cleanliness
12/02 Ontario scraps sushi crackdown
12/01 Report Finds Listeria Rule Sparks Major Industry Changes
12/01 EFSA issues GM guidance
12/01 Bush Favors Lift Of Beef Ban
12/01 FDA Tests Md. Milk, Finds Chemical From Explosives
12/01 PBM Products Launches First Soy-Based Pediatric Drink for Children With Milk
12/01 Hong Kong Opens Market to Canadian Beef
12/01 Send Safe Food Handling Messages With New E-Cards
12/01 Formation Systems Schedules Innovation Webcast for Food and Beverage
12/01 Japanese cows get national ID codes so beef-eaters can trace their dinner
12/01 Mad Cow Mayhem: The Need For Balance
12/01 Export ban on Ulster beef may soon be lifted
12/01 Japan, Taiwan closer to opening U.S. beef imports
12/01 BSE Update: UK To Introduce New BSE Testing Regime
12/01 Rocket fuel chemical found in water, produce
12/01 Inmates cry fowl, sue county jail
12/01 Rules of safety
12/01 Food Safe International Announces Acquisition of Apollo Scientific Group
12/01 California Man Admits to Poisoning Baby Food
12/01 NFPA To Become Food Products Association (FPA)
12/01 Biotech firms tout FDA rules
12/01 Allergen law confusing
12/01 GenoMed's Treatment for Prion Diseases Including 'Mad Cow Disease' to be Tested
12/01 Japan Says Mad Cow Test Results Due This Week
12/01 Mayo Clinic: Clean your hands: A simple way to prevent infection

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