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12/21. FSIS Issues Public Health Alert for Ground Beef Products

12/21. Hotel Reservation Deadline Is Jan.7 for E. coli O157:H7

12/21. Short- and Long-term Effects of Bacterial Gastrointestinal I

12/21. Cryptosporidiosis and Filtration of Water from Loch Lomond,

12/21. Consumers against nanotech in food, says BfR

12/21. Clone companies pitch tracking system

12/21. Beef's Wake-Up Recall

12/21. Montana Farmers Union reacts to latest mad cow report

12/21. Japan confirms 34th case of mad cow disease

12/21. Holiday oysters are safer to eat when cooked

12/21. Gift turtles pose risk

12/21. Some Safeway beef may contain salmonella

12/21. The Ozone Solution


12/20. Case Western Reserve gets $27.5 million to keep studying mad

12/20. Dangers of honey reiterated for infants

12/20. General Mills counts cost of pizza recall

12/20. U.S. Agency to Focus Efforts

12/20. Ottawa Injects Cash to Reduce Cattle E-coli Cases

12/20. Shake the dirty hand habit

12/20. Mexico Opens Border to California Spinach to LGMA Members On

12/20. Australia: All ISO standards for food safety now on one CD

12/20. Ireland: Harkin questions efficency of the EU food safety sy

12/20. Brown Expresses Concern About Recent China Food Safety Agree

12/20. New Zealand: Expert heads Food Safety review

12/20. Canada plans tough food safety laws

12/20. Singapore: Prima factory meets hygiene requirements but food

12/20. Cloning Companies Promise to Track Their Animals

12/20. China says food safety push "hits targets early"

12/20. Farm to fork approach vital against persisting food poisonin


12/19. Canada reports another case of BSE

12/19. E. coli "Uptick" to Continue in 2008

12/19. France says to extend GMO ban unless proven safe

12/19. If You Don't Want To Fall Ill This Christmas, Then Share A F

12/19. Leafy green problem

12/19. U.S. Agency to Focus Efforts On Reducing E. Coli Threat

12/19. Senate Votes to Keep Cloned Meat Out of Your Burger, for Now

12/19. 'Clone-Free' Milk Could Get Label

12/19. System to Track Cloned Animals Is Planned

12/19. Canada Confirms Case of Mad Cow Disease

12/19. FDA to get only slight increase in food-safety funding

12/19. How Safe Is Your Salad?


12/18. UK: Monthly report of specified risk material and other BSE control breaches

12/18. Many kids may not outgrow cow's milk allergy

12/18. Pet food may lead to mad cow

12/18. Canada Confirms Eleventh Case of Mad-Cow Disease

12/18. Australia: Legal Ramifications in Supply of Unpasteurised Mi

12/18. WA Agriculture Department warns against drinking some raw mi

12/18. Long periods in space harm immune system

12/18. Canada: Tories vow to hit 'fly-by-night operators'

12/18. Report: Poultry workers may spread E. coli

12/18. Law Puts Squeeze on Bar Fruit

12/18. UK: Restaurant owner banned from running a food business

12/18. Wales: Food workers keep it clean on course

12/18. Australia: Commission Report Impacts on Future Food Law Enfo

12/18. Kodiak establishments require on-site food safety manager

12/18. Divergent opinions grow over federal proposal for leafy gree

12/18. China food safety seen mired in economic transition

12/18. Central Valley food safety center moves closer to funding

12/18. U.S. Market For Food Safety Testing To Reach $2.8 Billion By

12/18. U of R researchers compile food safety rankings

12/18. U.S.-China Trade Talks Yield Food Safety Pacts

12/18. Food safety law put on review agenda

12/18. Nigeria: SON Presents Guinness Food Safety Certification

12/18. Agency to issue seafood warning


12/17. FDA: Swad Brand Sindoor: Product Contains High Levels of Lead

12/17. Australia: Academy endorses GM crops

12/17. In a nutshell: What to do about food allergies in schools

12/17. CFIA: Allergen Fact Sheet for Tree Nuts

12/17. Editorial: Ensuring food safety

12/17. Food Recalls Dominate List Of Nation's Top Food Stories Of 2

12/17. Banquet changes pot-pie cooking instructions

12/17. How Bacteria In Cows' Milk May Cause Crohn's Disease

12/17. Taco John's suit settled out of court


12/16. Cranberries may help ward off E.coli

12/16. Poultry Workers At Increased Risk Of Carrying Antibiotic-res

12/16. Purfresh Launches Intellipur to Expand Intelligence into Foo

12/16. Fresh-cut Produce Washing Practices Can Minimize Food-borne

12/16.EFSA budget swells amid increasing industry innovation

12/16. New Zealand: Introduction of Food Control Plans revised

12/16. Seattle: 10 most-cited restaurants


12/15. Survey Suggests Fraying Consumer Confidence In Meat Safety

12/15. Food safety tools make good gifts

12/15. Cloned food postponed

12/15. Public perception, not reality, drives food safety concerns

12/15. Canada to crack down on unsafe toys, food, drugs

12/15. [UK] Stars in their pies

12/15. About those nasties found in your food

12/15. Laws on food safety, state assets pending 1st reading


12/14. Apple pesticide residues cause concern in UK

12/14. Red meat again linked to cancer - study

12/14. Groups request additional aflatoxin research funds

12/14. FSANZ invites comments on new ingredient proposals

12/14. Dutch milk suspected behind Japanese mad cow outbreaks

12/14. New Corporate Name Reflects Broadening of Clean Food, Water

12/14. Degree of Defense

12/14. China, US sign product safety agreement

12/14. Germany proposes GM approval overhaul

12/14. How Safe Greens welcome food safety reviewIs Your Salad?

12/14. EFSA’s work plan for 2008 responds to EU food safety system

12/14. Wales: Food poisoning outbreak inquiry set for new year


12/13. FSIS Releases New IKE Scenario on Determining When Inspectio

12/13. My interview on Progressive Talk Radio

12/13. Milk, egg allergies more than just a passing phase: study

12/13. Aflototoxin hampers groundnut trade in The Gambia

12/13. EU bans red chillies import from Pak: Report

12/13. New Zealand: Five million working days lost to belly aches

12/13. Labour not budging on food origin labelling

12/13. US – China Import Safety Agreement Finalized, But Critics Sa

12/13. Turkey risk tackled by FSA

12/13. Ghana: Consumers of meat in Ho at risk of food poisoning


12/12. UK FSA: Don't serve up food poisoning this Christmas

12/12. New software audits food quality and safety

12/12. Peanut allergy strikes earlier

12/12. Chef, Son Want More Food Allergy Awareness

12/12. Milk and Egg Allergies Harder to Outgrow

12/12. A Pesky Allergy to Fruit and Vegetables

12/12. Effect feed on bacterial intestinal diseases

12/12. Our Children Should Not Be Poisoned by Our Food

12/12. E. coli briefing set

12/12. Food safety bill good for trade: York Chow

12/12. U.S.-China Trade Talks Yield Food Safety Pacts

12/12. Food safety – what should we worry about?

12/12. Puricore agrees deal with five US supermarket chains for its

12/12. New Ice Scoop Ensures Safe Handling, Food Safety at Restaura

12/12. Update on EFSA’s evaluation of food colours and behaviour

12/12. U.S. and China Sign Food Safety Pact

12/12. Dick Durbin Introduces Amendment To Require Modernization Of

12/12. Commentary: China Stands for Quality

12/12. China food safety record no worse than that of Japan, EU, US

12/12. U.S., China set food-safety pact


12/11. AMI and NMA to Co-Host E. Coli O157:H7 Surveillance and Prev

12/11. GM rice incident showed flaws in contingency plans, say NGOs

12/11. Spirits group calls for Chinese counterfeit crackdown

12/11. China and U.S. sign food safety agreement

12/11. Parents want school's allergy checks reinstated

12/11. Food allergies make dining on the road a daily minefield

12/11. Kids With Deadly Food Allergies Take Complaints To Human Rig

12/11. Stink over Vietnamese food exports

12/11. Good goals can go too far -- even cleanliness

12/11. In a Pickle Over Self-Regulation for Produce Growers

12/11. Pathogens use previously undescribed mechanism to sabotage h

12/11. Organic hand sanitizer for crazy parents

12/11. Ireland: Sage advice on safe stuffing this Christmas


12/10. USDA CONSUMER ALERT: Keeping Food Safe During An Emergency

12/10. UK: Texts on colour updates launched

12/10. Sugary drinks linked to Alzheimer's, says study

12/10. China Cracks Down on Food Safety Violators

12/10. Food allergy support group aims to educate community

12/10. Editorial: Ensuring food safety

12/10. Kansas Health and Agriculture Departments remind consumers o

12/10. Salmonella prevalence studied


12/09. Milk bug 'stops our bodies from fighting off Crohn's disease

12/09. Wales: E.coli inquiry to take public evidence

12/09. Singapore: PrimaDeli needs to pass food safety requirements

12/08. China to enhance food safety for children

12/08. Vietnam: Food safety inspections in dire need of improvement

12/08. Products With Good Bacteria Get Popular


12/07. Voices in the wilderness?

12/07. U.S. displeased with Japan's proposal on beef import control

12/07. Japan's proposal to ease age limit on U.S. beef not good eno

12/07. Allergy-ridden children ask for lunch bag checks

12/07. Japan Plans to Relax U.S. Beef Import Restrictions

12/07. Ethanol Producer Magazine: Study finds DDG-E. coli link

12/07. Importer halts unsafe potato chips from the US

12/07. GMO Crops: A Growing Concern

12/07. New Zealand: Petition calls for country of origin labelling

12/07. ANALYSIS-Congress moves slowly toward food safety reform

12/07. China firm cans toxic tinned meat

12/07. Kansas health officials issue raw milk warning


12/06. USDA Offers Food Safety Tips For Mailing Food Gifts This Holiday Season

12/06. Asparaginase validated by CIAA in Acrylamide Toolbox

12/06. Bisphenol A in infant formula at 'dangerous' levels, says gr

12/06. Less than half Americans see meat safety regulations as adeq

12/06. Senate Dems & Reps, Food Industry and Consumer Groups to

12/06. Allergic Children Exposed To Peanuts At Younger Ages Despite

12/06. NZ pupil finds antibiotic-resistant bugs in poultry

12/06. E. Coli in Ground Beef Still a Threat, Despite Millions Spen

12/06. Why we can't trust our food

12/06. Report says stingy funding has put FDA in crisis

12/06. Two Charged For Faking Food Safety Tests

12/06. Fresh-cut produce washing practices can minimize food-borne

12/06. Banned list will improve botanical safety

12/06. Casey offers food-safety bill

12/06. Amsterdam to welcome food safety buffs

12/06. China tightens control on pig slaughter to ensure food safet

12/06. Singapore: There must be no lapse in food safety: Lee Yi Shy

12/06. China Cracks Down on Food Safety Violators

12/06. Lawmakers seek more food-safety oversight

12/06. Meat Processors Look for Ways to Keep Ground Beef Safe


12/05. GM rice unlikely to pose health threats, says EFSA

12/05. New meat safety techniques compiled by regulator

12/05. E. coli's Comeback: What's up with that?

12/05. Shell-shocked

12/05. DSM’s Acrylamide Mitigation Solution Supported by Industry

12/05. New techniques added to acrylamide reduction handbook

12/05. Acrylamide cancer link confirmed

12/05. Which is better? Antibacterial scrubbers vs. soap

12/05. Food Safety Said to Require More Money

12/05. Beef Plants Being Scrutinized

12/05. Ireland: Food outlets closed over cockroaches

12/05. Tomorrow USAID to conduct in Baku a seminar on food safety

12/05. Grant will focus on educating elderly on food safety

12/05. Canada Supports Food Retailers With Food Safety And Promotio

12/05. Council to release on-farm food safety training kit for fres

12/05. Food workers charged

12/05. Plan for Food Safety Criticized at Hearing

12/05. China shutters shoddy food factories

12/05. Raw Milk Can Cause Serious Intestinal Problems

12/05. Senate Demands More From Food Safety Plan


12/04. Increased Ethanol Production Part of E. coli "Uptick"?

12/04. Food Intolerance or Food Allergy?

12/04. Dark toast latest food fright

12/04. Cancer Research UK reassures women over acrylamide/cancer li

12/04. KSU: Distiller's Grain Causes E coli O157 to Spike in Cattle

12/04. KSU Examining Food Safety Education for Older Adults

12/04. [New Zealand] Apple juice 'burned couple'

12/04. [UK] Four Wandsworth businesses face food prosecutions

12/04. [Ireland] Six restaurants served with closure orders

12/04. Food Safety Management for Beef

12/04. Food Safety on Washington's Front Burner

12/04. Bush Veto Could Threaten Food Safety For Millions


12/03. EU reveals acrylamide recommendations

12/03. Most recalled meat is not recovered: report

12/03. Japanese chain cops to selling outdated food

12/03. E. coli O157:H7 -- It's back, with a vengeance

12/03. Government Puts Consumers At Risk

12/03. American Conference Institute - Food-Borne Illness Litigatio

12/03. How to cut your acrylamide levels

12/03. Teenager's discovery excites scientists

12/03. New pasteurization regulations have raw food growers heated

12/03. EC Approves €187 Million to Fight Animal Diseases in 2008

12/03. Humans not the major target of Shiga toxin



12/02. Boston moves restaurant violations online

12/02. As We See It: Spreading the word about food-borne illness

12/02. Special report: Food inspectors take a new approach

12/02. Food products to be `nuked' freelynews

12/02. Food Safety for the Holiday Season

12/02. Cooking up a new cancer menace

12/02. Learn kitchen safety from pros


12/01. First food safety law will punish lax officials

12/01. Food safety specialist focuses on bacteria

12/01. FDA lacks resources for adequate food regulation

12/01. Azerbaijan to Consider International Practice in Food Safety

12/01. UAE: Muncipality to host Dubai International Food Safety con

12/01. Press communique: China, Japan to further food safety co-op

12/01. Banquet Pot Pie Recall: ConAgra Customer Service Pathetic



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