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12/23. Salmonella in pigs at slaughter evaluated

12/23. FDA changes approach to food safety inspections

12/23. Listeria outbreak rocketed Canada's food safety system

12/22. Getting Rid of Melamine: Farm to Factory to Fork

12/22. US: Almond exports expose inconsistent use of EU rules

12/22. Food maker detects aflatoxin in Thai rice, prevents shipment

12/22. E. coli Outbreaks of 2008 Show Problem Getting Worse

12/22. Safety lab plan for Gulf

12/22. Debate delayed on China's revised food safety law

12/22. FDA reform likely to take back seat in Obama plan


12/19. UK: Monthly report of SRM and other BSE control breaches

12/19. Chinese food safety concerns intensify

12/19. EFSA questions nano silver safety in supplements

12/19. Cattle on 21 farms to be slaughtered over dioxin levels

12/19. Getting Rid of Melamine: Not Just China’s Problem

12/19. Listeria files withheld under deluge of access-to-information requests

12/19. Raw milk poses threat, study says

12/19. 2009 Food Safety Summit Educational Program

12/19. Irish find high dioxin levels in beef, but no risk

12/19. Bill Marler’s Top Ten Food Safety Stories of 2008

12/19. Chile-Meat and fish food poisoning crisis


12/18. UK: Joint human and animal health TSE research strategy published

12/18. US report urges better foodborne disease monitoring

12/18. Food safety driving 2009 research, says LFI

12/18. Use of TiN nanoparticles in PET bottles not toxic, says EFSA

12/18. Guide aims to help RTE foodmakers reduce Listeria risk

12/18. Irish pork dioxin contamination update

12/18. Research on Escherichia coli described by P. Nart et al

12/18. Mad Cow Chosen Year's Top Science Issue

12/18. More Mad Cow Disease on the Way, Say Scientists

12/18. New version of mad cow suspected

12/18. Study: Raw Milk Poses Risks, No Benefits


12/17. US report urges better foodborne disease monitoring

12/17. Obama selects Vilsack as Agriculture Secretary

12/17. New computer program aids food safety certification

12/17. Chilean authorities warn about sea food consumption

12/17. FDA chief will resign at end of Bush's term

12/17. China Bans 17 Substances as Food Additives

12/17. Iowa Ex-Governor Picked for Agriculture Secretary


12/16. USDA CONSUMER ALERT: Keeping Food Safe During an Emergency

12/16. Food safety suffering from funding cuts

12/16. China launches food safety campaign

12/16. Holidaymakers expect long claims battle

12/16. Unpasteurized milk poses health risks without benefits

12/16. FDA Will Continue To Study Chemical


12/15. USDA tests for melamine in meat and poultry products

12/15. Study: Anaphylactic reactions higher than thought

12/15. E. coli Lawsuits Filed Against R & S Meats

12/15. Rules to be bent on allergen labelling

12/15. New Zealand: Bacteria warning over cream goodies

12/15. Botulism Fish Warning from FDA

12/15. Diarrhea-Causing Bacteria Contaminated 90% of Swiss Chickens

12/15. Meatpacking Maverick

12/15. Study: Why Restaurant Workers Don't Follow Food Safety Practices

12/15. Lye, boric acid banned as food additives in China

12/15. PMA members raise funds for food safety

12/15. IBM: Study finds safety of food worries most Chinese consumers

12/15. FDA's Proposed Mercury Fish Advice Based on Flawed Science

12/15. New Zealand: Food poisoning's cost highlighted


12/12. FSA writes to ministers on BSE testing

12/12. FSIS to test some meat products for melamine

12/12. Something’s Fishy at FDA

12/12. Retail Hamburger Tested for Non-O157:H7 Pathogenic Shiga Toxin

12/12. Nut Bans in Schools May Be Spurring Hysteria

12/12. Tomato industry recovering from salmonella scare

12/12. The Medium Is The Message: Manipulating Salmonella In Spaceflight

12/12. New Studies Quantify Foodborne Illness In New Zealand

12/12. Spending freeze jeopardizing food safety: Inspectors union

12/12. Next Ag Secretary Should Have Food Safety Focus, Groups Say


12/11. Irish pork back on the shelves

12/11. Deadline for Listeria Workshop Room Reservations Approaching

12/11. Strategies for Avoiding Nut Allergies in Schools May Be Overblown

12/11. UK: Honesty best policy for food

12/11. Raw-milk farmer wins MPP's support


12/10. UK: FSA Board advise on BSE testing age

12/10. UK: Agency's Board recommends peanut advice is revised

12/10. UK: EFSA gives regular pork eaters the all clear (updated)

12/10. Nut allergy fears becoming hysterical: BMJ

12/10. Irish pork: Bringing home the bacon on food safety

12/10. WHO sets tolerable daily intake for melamine in food

12/10. Johnson steps down as acting USDA under secretary for food safety

12/10. Report Finds Economic Crisis Hurting Food Safety Preparedness

12/10. Wal-Mart seeks summary judgment in salmonella suit

12/10. FDA Calls Off Ban on Animal Antibiotics


12/09. Report pushes for enhanced monitoring of GE crops

12/09. USDA helps test for pesticide residue in beef

12/09. Recall of Dry Pet Foods Associated with Salmonella Schwarzengrund

12/09. Raw milk man fined $55,000

12/09. EPA investigates oil used at Carlow [Ireland] pigfeed plant

12/09. Research into spinach keeps food safety focus

12/09. TraceTracker Tracks Food Safety on the Net

12/09. Ireland's food crisis spreads to beef

12/09. China starts food safety campaign

12/09. Australia: KraMar pulls dog food after poison reports


12/08. FSA reiterates advice on Irish pork: update

12/08. Statement on Irish pork

12/08. All Irish pork recalled over weekend; source identified

12/08. Irish pork’s loss is no one’s gain: USMEF

12/08. 'Second wave' of mad cow disease could hit Britain, scientists warn

12/08. Ont. needs to improve food safety regulations: AG

12/08. Grading Progress on Food Safety

12/08. Irish police probe contaminated pork scare


12/05. Illinois receives federal funds for BSE inspections

12/05. Maple Leaf listeriosis outbreak affecting consumer habits: study

12/05. Pundit’s Mailbag — Irradiation Risks

12/05. State gets grant to prevent mad cow disease

12/05. Listeria Alert is not related to Galbani products

12/05. Roundup Ready 2 Soybeans Get EU Approval

12/05. Safety First

12/05. Schafer Says He's Confident of Food Safety in China

12/05. China to issue blacklist of harmful food additives


12/04. FDA and WebMD team up

12/04. 1,000 Korean-Americans Join Suit Against MBC

12/04. Mars closing plant that produced pet food linked to human illness

12/04. Proposed Manitoba bill toughens up food safety

12/04. Taiwan should adopt international food safety standards: AIT

12/04. NE China city officials investigate possibility of melamine-tainted eggs


12/03. UK: Annual radioactivity report published

12/03. Variant of Mad Cow Disease Appears to Be Much More Virulent

12/03. Carrot juice botulism outbreak prompts FDA action

12/03. Ecology of foodborne pathogens

12/03. GMA Conference Focused on Improving Food Safety

12/03. FDA plan does not go far enough, says consumer group

12/03. HK says more Chinese eggs tainted

12/03. Nestle: Dairy Pdts In Saudi Arabia Absolutely Safe


12/02. FDA’s Food Protection Plan progress report

12/02. FDA reports progress on Food Protection Plan

12/02. Meat and cancer: an upbeat story

12/02. New Study Disputes View On Peanut Allergy

12/02. What killed Bellevue woman? Family says E. coli

12/02. Southeast conference to cover food safety, audits

12/02. Myths about food safety instill unwarranted fears

12/02. FDA Touts Efforts to Enhance Food Safety


12/01. Salt reduction could impact on food safety, says UK group

12/01. South Korea urged to adopt BSE standards

12/01. NM DOH Report on Enterobacter sakazakii Illness and death

12/01. Pork tapeworm, Cysticercosis, found in Phoenix woman’s brain

12/01. New treatment for food allergies

12/01. Is An Anchor Responsible For Mad Cow Disease (BSE) Infections?

12/01. Antibiotic must be used sparingly in the nation's food supply

12/01. Beetle may spread salmonella and campylobacter in broilers

12/01. Raw milk can be harmful to health

12/01. Improper Microwaving Led to Pot Pie-Salmonella Outbreak

12/01. U.S. FDA seeks broader regulatory powers



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