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Food Safety Manager
Naturipe Farms California




Position Purpose

This position will ensure the essential elements of the company’s products Foreign Supplier Verification Program are complete and in compliance with the US-FDA FSVP. This includes monitoring the following; food quality, food safety, food security, standards, GAP farm practices and other elements as identified. This person will also travel to the farms/pack houses to help with the development and documentation of the food safety systems and SOP’s. Position will ensure that regulations are met and the company is not exposed to liability related to the quality and safety of products.  As part of the FSVP this position will also ensure all consumer complaints are documented, recorded and resolved.

Organizational Relationships

  • Supervisor: NF Director of Food Safety & Social Responsibility

Accountabilities and Responsibilities

  1. Responsible to assist the director in the implementation of a companywide food safety plan and food safety system to ensure that imported NF products are high in food quality.
  2. Travel to the farms/pack houses to assist in SOP development for all food safety systems and procedures.
  3. Develop and write the SOP for the foreign supplier verification program
  4. Develop the hazard analysis for the FSVP.
  5. Evaluate the foreign supplier’s performance, the foreign supplier’s food safety history, including the responsiveness of the foreign supplier in correcting past problems.
  6. Evaluation of risk the supplier, using the  hazard analysis, evaluate how the supplier is minimizing or preventing the hazard, including the US FDA food safety regulations, the supplier’s food safety history and other factors affecting food safety such as storage and transportation.
  7. Perform supplier verification activities via annual review of third party food safety audits and document this review.
  8. Take appropriate corrective actions as needed.
  9. Review complaints received concerning of the imports, investigate the cause or causes of adulteration or misbranding in some circumstances, take appropriate corrective actions, and revise their FSVPs when they appear to be inadequate.
  10. Develop Importer identification at entry. This can be done by using the DUNS number of the supplier and a maintain list of growers associated with that supplier.
  11. Reside in and maintain all documentation in the USA that includes the program itself, all reviews and evaluations.
  12. Respond to customer food safety documentation requests.
  13. Handle all avocado consumer complaints, response, data entry and reporting.
  14. Establish and maintain effective communication and working relationships with grower partner contacts
  15. Work with grower partners to establish FS policies and procedures along with product specifications and review FS standards
  16. Travel, inspect and approve new growers for the Naturipe Farms Brand
  17. Assist the Director to respond with urgency to customer-related requests and requirements.
  18. Coordinate and support Sales Department on matters of supplier approval and food safety
  19. Ensure that customer requirements are met and the company is not exposed to liability related to the quality and safety of our products

 Quantitative Data/Job Dimensions

  • Production and Grower locations – primarily Mexico, Peru and Chile; with collaboration with those responsible for S.A. Operations
  • Projected Sales – FY17 $60M, FY18 $100M
  • Grower and partner relationships – 10 to 15
  • Strict adherence to audit deadline and timely handling of customer requirements
  • Partner satisfaction with contribution to improvement of quality and advocacy on behalf of growers.
  • Avoidance of crisis situations resulting from food safety issues

 Qualifications and Skills Preferred

  • Bachelor’s degree in Food safety, Chemistry, Ag Business, or similar agricultural or science field required
  • 5+ years’ experience in agribusiness food safety or retail food safety in a produce environment
  • Spanish written/verbal skills a must
  • Must have a working understanding of GFSI standards and fully understanding the interworking of GAP schemes. FSMA, the produce rule and the preventive controls rule.
  • Must be certified a qualified Individual per FDA specifications for the FSVP, Preventive Controls Rule and the Produce Rule. (This can happen post-hire).
  • Communication skills with growers, retailers, customers and consumers
  • Must be high energy and enjoy a dynamic ever-changing environment.
  • Willing to travel up to 50%, domestic and international
  • Position requires proven ability to effectively interface with all levels of management, technical and administrative staff

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