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12/31. China to Tackle Food Safety Violations

12/31. The Worst Raw Milk E. coli Outbreak of 2012

12/31. USDA issues final animal-disease traceability rule

12/31. More Holiday Food Safety Advice from the FDA


12/28. 2012 Fresh Produce Food Safety News

12/28. Food Safety and the Educated Consumer

12/28. Why US Food Safety is Important – Salmonella Cantaloupe

12/28. What is it with Salmonella and USA Peanut Butter?

12/28. Listeria and Cheese Do Not Mix

12/27. Shanghai Mulls Blacklist Rule for Food Safety

12/27. Food safety regulators unable to find source of E.coli for recalled burgers

12/27. Canada's food safety rules could be better, experts say

12/26. MRSA ST398 found in British Raw Milk

12/26. Raw Milk – Two Settlements Reached – E. coli and Campylobacter

12/26. For Volunteers: Guide to Food Safety

12/24. Outbreak Database 2012 – July Food Poisoning Outbreaks

12/24. Outbreak Database 2012 – May and June Food Poisoning Outbreaks

12/24. Outbreak Database – April Food Poisoning Outbreaks 2012

12/24. Foodborne and Bacterial and Viral Outbreaks 2012 – March

12/24. FDA closer to approving biotech salmon

12/24. Yum Gets Regulators' Support on Safety

12/24. Bulgarian Food Safety Agency officers to be on duty during holidays


12/21. Food safety for Christmas

12/21. China probes KFC over safety of chicken products

12/20. Hosting A Holiday Party? Take A Food Safety Quiz

12/20. FDA, OMB seek more time for food safety rules

12/20. Massey to facilitate global food safety initiative

12/19. Norovirus The Gift That Keeps On Giving

12/19. Food poisoning, hygiene and safety

12/19. U.S. and Russia Spar Over Ractopamine in Pork and Beef

12/18. 5 E. coli illnesses linked to now recalled hamburger

12/18. Butcher's Choice Hamburgers Sicken 5 in Canada

12/18. Hotline Answers "Panic Button" Food Safety Questions

12/17. USFDA says New Zealand seafood safety system comparable

12/17. Give a gift of food safety

12/17. Promise of food safety law largely unfulfilled

12/17. Norovirus Link to Wyoming Golden Corral Confirmed

12/17. Listeria and Botulism risk with Farmstead Food


12/14. DM meet with food firms stresses safety

12/14. Historic food safety agreement with US

12/14. WY Restaurant Outbreak Likely from Norovirus

12/14. FDA Names New Zealand First Food Safety System Comparable to US

12/13. After Listeria Recall, Capital Packers Resumes Operations

12/13. The Biggest Food Safety Disasters Of 2012

12/13. Stricter Food Safety Guidelines At Restaurants, Hotels Start Jan. 1

12/13. England may stop serving burgers (minced meat) that will kill you with E. coli

12/12. Food safety top priority for Canadians, says new poll

12/12. China, U.S. to continue food safety cooperation

12/11. Concerns over Mad Cow Disease Raised in Brazil

12/11. Food Safety Policy on the table

12/11. Salmonella and Peanut Butter: Victims' Stories

12/10. Food Safety Bloopers, Snack Mix Edition

12/10. After E.coli Recall, Outbreak XL Foods Cleared To Ship To US

12/10. Sunland Asking FDA for Permission to Shell Peanuts

12/10. "Test & Hold" is New E. coli Rule

12/10. Banned Turtles Sicken 248 with Salmonella

12/10. Expert Advice About Norovirus Outbreak in Washoe County Nevada


12/07. FSIS Updates Research Priorities to Address Emerging Food Safety Concerns

12/07. First company shut down by FDA under new food-safety law

12/07. Study highlights the danger of cross-contamination of viruses from kitchen knives and graters

12/06. California Warns Public Against Consuming Wild Mushrooms

12/06. E. coli Bacteria in CA Rivers May Come from Urban Runoff, Not Farms

12/06. FSIS Announces New Poultry Rules to Prevent Salmonella and Campylobacter

12/06. New York E. coli Lawsuits X 3

12/06. Should Consumers Be Concerned About Yersinia?

12/06. UGA To Study Salmonella In Peanut Butter, Other Foods

12/05. Illinois McDonalds Linked to Salmonella Outbreak Will Reopen

12/05. Using Ultrasound to Slash E. coli in Spinach

12/04. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods Receives Global "Gold Stamp" in Food Safety and Quality

12/04. Salmonella Outbreak Causes FDA to Suspend Plant's Registration

12/04. FDA Increases Allowable Irradiation Doses in Meat, Poultry Products

12/03. Food Safety Bloopers Volume 4

12/03. Buffalo-Area E. coli Outbreak Victims to Sue Lettuce Supplier

12/03. USDA announces recall of frozen, butter chicken with rice, imported from Canada

12/03. Report: Almost 70% of pork meat is contaminated with bacteria




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