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HACCP Coordinator/Laboratory Technician - Vita Food Products, Inc.
Chicago IL




Job Title: HACCP Coordinator/Laboratory Technician

Department: Quality Control

Reports to: QA Director

Supervises: Assistant lab technician(s) and/or temporary lab personnel and if appropriate, any Assistant QC Manager or other laboratory personnel.


FLSA: Exempt

Back Up: Lab Techs


Schedule: 7:00 AM 4:00 PM or as needed


Job Summary:

The purpose of this position is to ensure that the laboratory and record keeping policies and procedures are appropriately implemented to assure quality and safety of products and that operational practices meet the standards and requirements of the corporation, the FDA and Kosher requirements.


This purpose will be accomplished through the execution of specific tasks (see principal duties below) undertaken according to SOPs for QC laboratory personnel and by assuming responsibility for or delegating responsibility for these tasks.


Principal Duties:

   Ensure all employees are following GMPs

   Review quality paperwork and sign off if accurate

   Assist in the lab when needed

   Review programs and HACCP plans and update to ensure accuracy

   Coordinate between departments for proper employee training

   Create and maintain databases such as jar weights and pest control findings for trend analysis

   Review and update WI, SOPs and revise the corresponding forms if necessary

   Participate in internal audits such as the glass and brittle plastic audit and pest control program

   Participate in regulatory audits such as MSC, USAF and FDA audits

   Work with sanitation to ensure that SSOPs, janitorial tasks, etc. are validated and completed at the proper frequency

   Ensure that the Master Sanitation Schedule is being followed and signed off on

   Create training material for the temporary agency and sanitation to train incoming employees with

   Follow up with customer complaints and initiate corrective actions if necessary

   Communicate with different staff personnel if/when any corrective actions are needed

   Stay current with all regulatory guidelines and requirements

   Perform overall plant production inspection to insure that all personnel and practices comply with the requirements and guidelines set forth by the FDA, HACCP, and the military, state and local health departments

   Check packaging upon receipt for label accuracy of allergens and nutritional information

   Provision of test results to QC Manager or QA Director or designee or in their absence, filing of records of test results.

   From analysis of test results and interpretation test data, contribution to preparation of technical report to be provided by Manager, QC to laboratory personnel and CEO at least monthly

   Supervise Quality Control Assistant Technicians and temporary help as appropriate.

   Assist the Marketing Department by generating nutritional labels and ingredient statements through Genesis

   Aid in the development and implementation of Food Safety Fundamentals and Food Safety Plan as outlined in the BRC system.

   Has the authority to take appropriate action to ensure the integrity of the BRC system.


Principal Contacts: Frequent QC Manager, QA Director, Asst. Technician, Production Supervisors and line personnel.



Position Requirements:


  1. Bachelors Degree in Chemistry or related field or equivalent.
  2. Strong background in chemistry and microbiology. Experience in quality control/quality assurance preferred.
  3. Experience performing qualitative and quantitative analysis in the food industry or pharmaceutical industry or equivalent experience.
  4. Good instrumentation and mathematical skills for performance of laboratory tests.
  5. Ability to train new or temporary laboratory personnel.
  6. Good written and oral communication skills for documentation of test results and to communicate to supervisors and other appropriate personnel regarding quality related policies and procedures and results of assays.
  7. Good interpersonal skills for effective work with plant and production personnel.
  8. Ability to focus on prioritized tasks to assure good workflow.
  9. Ability to maneuver on wet, slippery floors. Fine motor skills needed to perform laboratory tests. Ability to distinguish different products by label colors.



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