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Microbiology Technician - Grand Prairie, TX


Laboratory (General)/Laboratoire (Général) | Grand Prairie, TX

Job Duties

  1. Read plates and tubes, as required, to determine the number of organisms in the sample.  Record findings on worksheet for verification.

2.     Write identification onto plates so that client and sample number can be tracked.

3.     Pipette sample solution into tubes or plates according to the analysis process being performed.  Pour the agar into plates or tubes to begin the growth process.

4.     Prepare sample for analysis by recording, weighing, and blending.

5.     Collect plates and place them in the incubator for the specified amount of time and temperature.

6.     Prepare media and broth for use in pathogen testing as required.

7.     Sterilize materials needed for analysis.  Autoclave plates before discarding.

8.     Perform food poisoning, pH and other analysis tests on sample when requested by the client.

9.     Ensure that media and materials are prepared for the next testing sequence.

10. Maintain knowledge of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that is required to complete job responsibilities.

11. Set up equipment and materials needed for analysis.

12. Support corporate quality and continuous improvement process.

13. This position has the responsibilities and authority to identify departures from the quality system or test procedures and document such observations in accordance with the prescribed complaint system.

14. Perform other related tasks as needed.


The incumbent must have a basic knowledge of microbiology to accurately perform testing procedures and obtain accurate results.  Analytical skills are essential to complete analysis procedures and determine the concentration of the microorganism. A general knowledge of the Laboratory Information Management System is required to process client data.  Physical dexterity is required for measuring, pipetting and transferring sample into plates and tubes. A basic knowledge of personal computers is useful to accurately enter testing data and results. A basic knowledge of laboratory safety procedures and policies is necessary to ensure a safe working environment.  Planning skills are useful to maintain supplies of analysis materials and ensure analysis is completed within specified time.

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