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LONDON Food allergy is recognized as an important food-safety issue and dealing with the major serious food allergens is an essential part of Good Manufacturing Practice. As such, the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) updated its statement of food allergy to reflect that the problem of food allergens is part of a wider problem.

The new statement describes the nature and cause of food allergies, outlines recent changes in legislation that aim to help allergic consumers to live with their condition and emphasizes measures manufacturers and caterers should take to minimize the problems.

According to IFST, food manufacturers should formulate foods to avoid, wherever possible, inclusion of unnecessary major allergens as ingredients; organize raw material supplies, production, production schedules and cleaning procedures to prevent cross-contact of products by "foreign" allergens; train all personnel in an understanding of necessary measures and the reasons for them; comply with the relevant labeling legislation providing appropriate warning of the presence of a major allergen in a product; and place an appropriate system for recall of any product found to contain a major allergen not indicated on the label.

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                                 Institute of Food Science and Technology: Food Allergy


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