GAO places FDA on high-risk list

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1/23/2009-According to an article in Reuters, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has added the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to a list of “high-risk” areas of the federal government because it may not be able to adequately do its job. The GAO, which releases this list at the start of each new Congress, said the FDA is hampered by globalization, more complex products, and laws that have made it more difficult for the FDA to ensure the safety of products. The GAO investigators believe the FDA needs to have better data on its inspections of facilities in other countries and conduct more inspections.

This is nothing new to the FDA, whose Acting Commissioner Frank Torti has told members of the Congress: “We need your partnership to reshape the agency and to provide us with the resources and legislative authorities necessary to support our work.”

GAO “high-risk” list

Reuters article



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