New listeria discovery "routine": Maple Leaf Foods


By Lisa M. Keefe on 1/26/2009


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Listeria has turned up in tests of deli meat products made by a subsidiary of Toronto's Maple Leaf Foods, Cappola Food Inc., which ships to the Canadian and U.S. markets, according to The Associated Press.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency launched an inspection of Cappola after tests showed positive results for listeria bacterium. No illnesses have been reported, and no warnings or recalls have been issued.

Although Maple Leaf Foods was at the center of a listeria outbreak last summer that has been implicated in the deaths of 20 people, the company said in a statement on its Web site that the latest incident is a "routine" finding, and more a testament to the company's detection practices rather than evidence of lax enforcement.

"The finding of listeria in a food plant may occur daily. The goal of a well designed program is to generate those findings, create data patterns for additional investigations and to use the results of these findings on a daily basis to eradicate it at the location in which it was found," the statement said.

Furthermore, the facility in question makes dry cured meats, a process that does not promote the growth of listeria, the statement said: "There was and is no food safety risk to the public."


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