Children being misdiagnosed for food allergies on the rise

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Right now more and more children are being misdiagnosed for food allergies. For some children it’s creating serious health complications.

Allergy experts claim it's not only happening here in Utah. But also nationwide.

Some parents are being told their children have allergies when they don't, and other parents whose kids actually do have serious allergies, are being told it's something else.

Part of the problem is... bad testing.

Not enough doctors are telling parents to get the right type of testing done.
Some are simply relying on blood tests, which alone are not accurate enough. Skin testing is another necessary step, as well as the child’s food history. Allergy experts recommend the best way to know whether your child is allergic to a food or not is whether they can it eat it and not react to it.

Depending on the reaction, your child may have a food allergy. For example, there's a difference between kids who are lactose intolerant, and kids allergic to milk.

According to several Utah food allergy experts, here's how you can tell if your son or daughter is having an allergic reaction to food:

They may break out in hives.
Their mouth or throat may get itchy and swollen.
They may have difficulty breathing.
Their chest may start to feel tight.
They could go into anaphylactic shock, which means their blood pressure drops and they lose consciousness.

If your child experiences any of these symptoms after eating food, you need to take them to a board certified food allergist to get tested.

Allergy experts can't stress that enough… take them to a board certified food allergist.

You can find out if an allergist is board certified by contacting the Utah Food Allergy Network at 949-0092, and the Asthma & Allergy Clinic of Utah at 281-1300.



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