Most Consumers Concerned About Food Safety

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NEW YORK—Ninety-three percent of U.S. consumers are aware of recent food safety issues and recalls, and almost 25 percent said the recalls will change their long-term food-buying behavior, according to a new study of U.S. consumer attitudes about food safety, published Feb. 13 by Burson-Marsteller and Penn Schoen & Berland Associates.

The study also found that while 68 percent of Americans believe the instances of food contamination have increased in the past five years, 87 percent continue to somewhat or strongly agree that the United States has one of the strongest food-safety systems in the world.

Other key findings include:

• 49 percent of mothers are avoiding products with peanut butter ingredients even if they are not on the government’s recall list. Nineteen percent threw away all peanut products in their house even though there is no safety issue.

• 65% of consumers change their short-term food buying habits during a food contamination outbreak, but not long term behavior. Twenty-three percent of consumers (and 27 percent of mothers) said the most recent food scare will change their long-term food purchasing habits.

• More than two in five consumers believe food processors are to blame for recent food contamination issues.

• One in four consumers blames regulators for recent food contamination issues.

• Nearly half of consumers believe that regulators bear the responsibility for protecting the public.


·                                 Burson-Marsteller: Ninety-Three Percent of U.S. Consumers Aware of Recent Food Safety Concerns


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