Online forum for food safety discussion debuts


By Lisa M. Keefe on 2/17/2009



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Anyone with an interest in food safety and animal health can now participate in an ongoing discussion of all the related issues online, at The Ohio State University's Web site for the Center for Diagnostic Assays, part of the school's Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center.

The new forum, called DiagnosticSpeak, is aimed at researchers or technicians in the business of monitoring or detecting infectious disease in food animals or plants and various professionals concerned with protecting the world's food supply people who "regularly use diagnostics in laboratory or industry settings, or are involved in the bench-to-market side of infectious disease diagnostic assays distribution," the Web site says.

The forum seeks to connect researchers in university, industry and government settings, the better to share information and inquiry. Anyone with an interest in the topic of food safety, however, may register.



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