FDA Sues Tortilla Maker for Safety Violations


Source of Article:  http://www.enews20.com/news_FDA_Sues_Tortilla_Maker_for_Safety_Violations_16797.html

By Sophia Keenan
15:30, March 9th 2009



The Food and Drug Administration on Friday sued a Chicago food maker alleging food safety violations that were linked to illnesses in schoolchildren.

Del Rey Tortilleria Inc. agreed to a consent decree that bars the company from producing and selling flour tortillas until the federal regulators determine that sanitation and food-processing standards are being met.

The four tortillas were linked to outbreaks of gastrointestinal illness in school children in Wisconsin and Massachusetts. The children suffered nausea, headaches, cramps and dizziness after consuming chicken fajitas and tacos prepared by the company.

“It was serious enough that the [Food and Drug Administration] thought it was important that they stop making tortillas until the company comes into compliance,” Assistant US Atty. Donald Lorenzen said.

Several FDA inspections at the company’s Illinois plant showed several violations including cleaning chemicals stored improperly, unsuitable containers used for food processing and other unsanitary conditions.

Following the FDA lawsuit, the company must hire sanitation and food processing experts to develop quality control measures and to inspect and certify that the company complies with the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practice requirements for food.

Not complying with the FDA requirements could result in the FDA ordering the company to stop manufacturing and distributing food, to recall products or to take other corrective actions. Furthermore, the company could be ordered to pay $6,000 per day for being non-compliant.




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