Food safety bill headed for governor’s desk

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Senate Bill 80 is that rarest of beasts: A major piece of legislation that gets nary a single vote against it. 

The House just approved the bill, which would make it a felony for any company or individual to fail to report the discovery of salmonella or other food-borne disease to state authorities.

The House and Senate have both now unanimously approved the bill, which will be sent to Gov. Sonny Perdue’s desk.

The bill will mandate, not request, state access to records regarding the destruction of food contamination such as salmonella, which could include salmonella testing and logs on the use of roasters.

The legislation is the result of the scandal involving a South Georgia peanut plant that is blamed for a number of deaths and illnesses around the country.
The bill also would demand that a company that finds salmonella notify the state within 24 hours.




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