Finland: Salmonella Spreads to 7 More Poultry Farms

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published today 02:01 PM, updated today 02:04 PM


The Food Safety Agency Evira says that salmonella has been found at seven more egg-producing farms. So far this month the bacterial infection has been detected at 19 poultry farms and two piggeries.

Samples have been taken at about 770 farms during this salmonella epidemic. Two thirds are from pork producers and the rest from poultry farms. All have been supplied with fodder by Raisio Feed. The company says the bacteria in its feed originated in imported soy.

As of Friday afternoon, about 30 percent of the chicken farm samples had been tested. Evira expects to have tested half of them by Saturday.

Meanwhile about one quarter of the pig farm samples had been tested at local laboratories.

According to Evira Veterinary Officer Tarja Pohjanvirta, the egg producers where salmonella has been confirmed are all in South-Western Finland, while the two piggeries lie further north, in Ostrobothnia.

Pohjanvirta says that the farms where the infection has been found will be thoroughly sanitised, and that municipal veterinarians will decide in each case how many animals must be slaughtered.

She notes that the pork from slaughtered pigs can still be used as human food after being properly heated. Officials continue to insist that the salmonella outbreak poses no threat to consumers, and that meat and eggs sold in grocery shops are safe.


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