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USDA official sums up FSIS targets for 2009


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By Lisa M. Keefe on 3/30/2009


Processors should keep an eye out for USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service to move forward on bench trim verification, risk of listeria contamination at retail, and HACCP validation expectations, among other initiatives, in calendar 2009.

Daniel Engeljohn, deputy assistant FSIS administrator, on Friday discussed these and other plans for the year at the North American Meat Processors Association Management Conference in Chicago.

Other FSIS plans for the remaining three quarters include:

  • Issue slaughter dressing verification procedures
  • Initiate a new bench trim verification testing program
  • Issue N60 labeling criteria
  • Expand ground poultry verification testing
  • Conduct baselines (turkey carcasses, hog carcasses, chicken parts, beef carcasses post-hide removal/pre-evisceration)
  • Enforce a non-detectable Salmonella standard in "NRTE frozen and stuffed chicken product that appears RTE"
  • Publish the FSIS risk assessment on deli-sliced meat compared to pre-sliced meat
  • Host a public meeting jointly with FDA on a planned risk assessment considering the risk factors at retail
  • Increase surveillance and enforcement of prudent record-keeping associated with grinding logs and sanitation control at the retail level
  • Safe cooking guidance for consumers regarding meat steaks, chops and roasts


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