Bio-Rad purchases food safety line from SafePath Laboratories LLC

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Trichinellosis is a zoonotic disease caused by the nematode
Trichinella spiralis.  Domestic pigs are the primary source of infection.  Although prevalence in the US is low, the disease can be severe in humans.  The USDA, along with the National Pork Board and the pork processing industry has set up a Trichinae Certification Program to facilitate US fresh meat pork exports.  The program should enhance the ability of producers to export pork and pork products to overseas markets.

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Trichinae Certification Program

Bio-Rad has purchased a line of ELISA tests for Trichinella spiralis antibody detection from SafePath Labroratories, LLC.  The test is currently the only USDA approved serology ELISA for the certification program.  Serology can be performed on sera, plasma, blood or tissue fluid (meat juice).  The test run time is 45 minutes.



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