Canada: Restaurant owners fined $15,000 for E. coli outbreak

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Two co-owners of a St. Catharines restaurant linked to a 2007 E. coli outbreak have been fined $7,500 each for selling food that made customers sick.

A justice of the peace recently found Mahmoud Asaad and Senan Daoud guilty of a total 10 counts -- five counts each -- of selling food unfit for human consumption. The charges relate to five customers who ate at Yaman Restaurant on Merritt Street in May 2007.

The problems started when Asaad and Daoud run their business on May 19, 2007, despite the fact water to the restaurant was cut off due to a water-main break.

The restaurant was shut down by the Region that month after several people got sick, but reopened with a clean bill of health in August that year.

Each restaurant owner was fined $1,000 for each of four victims and another $2,000 for the fifth victim.

Regional prosector Mickey Cruickshank said the fifth person's symptoms were very severe and she spent a lot of time in hospital, even being transferred to a hospital in Hamilton.

Four additional charges related to two other customers were dismissedThe owners also pleaded guilty on March 4 to failing to provide hot and cold running water in the food-preparation area of the restaurant. They were fined $1,500 each for those charges.

The total fines for the pair were $15,000.

Asaad and Daoud didn't call any evidence during their trial, which began on March 4 and er several intermittent days in Welland.

Justice of the Peace David Brown made his ruling on March 27.


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