FDA confirms April 27 effective date for final feed ban

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By Tom Johnston on 4/23/2009


The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday afternoon confirmed the effective date of April 27 for the final rule banning cattle materials at a high risk of carrying bovine spongiform encephalopathy from all animal feed.

The agency also established Oct. 26 as an extended date by which renderers and packers must be in compliance with the rule, which was initially published in the Federal Register on April 25, 2008.

FDA had proposed delaying the April 27, 2009, effective date by two months and allowed a week-long comment period after industry organizations turned up the volume on concerns about the disposal of prohibited cattle materials and difficulties in modifying operations to comply with the rule. (See FDA proposes to delay feed ban on Meatingplace, April 7, 2009.)

FDA said it received comments from more than 400 organizations and individuals on the proposed delay of the effective date. In general, opponents of the delay cited a heightened risk of BSE to U.S. consumers and cattle herds and proponents of the delay cited the need for more time to come up with alternative methods of disposal. The agency noted that the delay would help address such concerns but did not signal any intent to reconsider the final rule.
"In its rulemaking, FDA acknowledged that alternative disposal methods for [Cattle Materials Prohibited from Animal Feed] and dead stock cattle would be needed for a substantial volume of material that would be diverted from animal feed use by the new requirements," the agency wrote in its confirmation notice. "Accordingly, the rule provided a 12-month delayed effective date to allow sufficient time to arrange for alternative disposal. Where services to remove brain and spinal cord will not be available, such arrangements might include composting dead stock cattle, or disposing of dead stock cattle in landfills.

"To some extent, we believe the rendering, livestock, meat and animal feed industries have addressed many of the compliance and carcass disposal challenges and are prepared to meet the April 27, 2009, effective date of the final rule."

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