Iowa food-poisoning victim pushes FDA overhaul

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By Philip Brasher • • April 30, 2009


 Iowa lawmakers have been hearing from a Waterloo food-poisoning victim about the need for Congress to give the Food and Drug Administration more authority over growers and processors.

 Karen Hibben-Levi, 67, nearly died in 2006 from E. coli poisoning after eating a burrito that was made with tainted lettuce.

 She met with Sen. Tom Harkin and Rep. Bruce Braley and aides to Sen. Charles Grassley. All told her that Congress is on track to pass a major overhaul of FDA. It was her first trip ever to the nation’s capitol.

 She says she had been naïve before her illness about the safety of the food she bought at the supermarket or at a restaurant. “I assumed that our food was safe to eat.”

 Now, she’s says she’s a believer in the need for more regulation.  Bills in the House and Senate would give FDA new power to set and enforce safety measures and to review company records. 





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