OIE upgrades Japanís BSE status

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By Tom Johnston on 5/28/2009


The World Organization for Animal Health on Thursday will formally adopt a resolution classifying Japan as a controlled-risk country for bovine spongiform encephalopathy, according to Asian media reports.

OIE decided at a general session earlier in the week to upgrade Japan's BSE status, the organization's officials said.

Japan mandates that beef from domestic cattle aged 21 months and older be tested for BSE, while it limits imports of beef to that derived from cattle aged 20 months or younger.

The OIE ruling technically would allow Japan to ship a wider array of product abroad. Tokyo intends to press several countries including Russia and Mexico to import more Japanese beef.

Meanwhile, the decision might give the United States, also a controlled-risk country, leverage in its efforts to persuade Japan to allow imports of beef from older cattle.


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