Nev. couple pleads guilty in pet-food poisoning

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A Nevada company and its owners have pleaded guilty to federal charges of knowingly distributing the tainted ingredient that killed thousands of cats and dogs that ate contaminated pet food. More than 150 brands were recalled in 2007 after pets began suffering kidney failure and dying.

Las Vegas residents Sally Qing Miller, 43, a Chinese national, and her husband, Stephen S. Miller, 56, each pleaded guilty today to one count of selling adulterated food and one count of selling misbranded food. Their company, ChemNutra, which imports food components from China and sells them to manufacturers, also pleaded guilty.

The indictment charged the Millers and ChemNutra, along with two Chinese companies, with knowingly importing wheat gluten tainted with melamine into the USA and then selling it to pet-food makers. The Food and Drug Administration received reports from consumers indicating that roughly 1,950 cats and 2,200 dogs died after eating the poisoned pet food.

The Millers face up to two years in federal prison without parole, a fine up to $200,000 and restitution. ChemNutra faces a fine up to $400,000 and restitution.

Read the U.S. attorney's news release.

The Associated Press has more about the case.

Here's the On Deadline post when the indictment was handed up in February 2008. In a statement afterward, a company spokesman said the Millers "deny the allegations by the Justice Department in the strongest of terms and look forward to the opportunity to prove their innocence at trial. Neither Mr. nor Mrs. Miller had any intent to defraud or knowledge of any wrongdoing."


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