European Union delegation plans to visit Indian groundnut processing plants

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A delegation from European Union is expected to visit some groundnut processing units in Gujarat, the western province of India, in October.

Now, the Government of India is planning to impose more stringent norms for processing of groundnut in India which export to the member countries of European Union.

“Quality norms for groundnut exports for bird feed and human consumption will be implemented in the country from July. As of now, a technical document has been cleared,” Mr. S Dave, Director, Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), said.

Recently, European Commission has made some complaints regarding the presence of aflatoxin, a fungus in the Indian groundnuts, it is learnt.

Mr. Dave said, “Aflatoxin is a common problem in groundnut, which can be controlled by bringing the moisture level below 7%. Norms are set so that farmers and exporters take steps to minimize it”.

According to APEDA sources, standards are set for shelling units, processing units and storage units at harbors. Indian Oilseeds and Produce Export Promotion Council (IOPEPC) has been authorized to issue quality certificates for shelling units and storage (at harbors) involved in exports, while APEDA will certify the processing units.


Publication date: 6/24/2009




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