2 Local Restaurants Close, 4 Penalized For Food-Safety Violations

Source of Article:  http://www2.nbc4i.com/cmh/news/local/article/6_Columbus_Restaurant_Owners_Face_The_Columbus_Board_Of_Health_For_Critical/19650/

By Donna Willis
Web Content Coordinator
Published: July 21, 2009

COLUMBUS, Ohio—The Columbus Board of Health closed two local restaurants permanently Tuesday afternoon and ordered four more local businesses to clean up their acts.

NBC 4 reported with the FAST FACTS.

A restaurant or food service could be shutdown or closed permanently for repeated food safety violations and/or a failure to comply with Columbus Public Health and its board of health.

A total of six Columbus restaurants faced the board Tuesday:
- China Market at 59 Spruce Street in the North Market
- Hawa Russia at 2680 East Dublin Granville Road
- Dairy Queen at 2530 Bethel Road
- Westgate Import Market at 3201 Sullivant Avenue
- Black Olive at 731 North High Street
- El Huarache Veloz (taco truck) at 2566 West Broad Street.

Both China Market and Hawa Russia were closed Tuesday.

The restaurants failed to correct violations on storing, handling and preparing of foods, according to CPH’s Jose Rodriguez. Failure to comply with orders from the board of health to take food-safety classes added to the restaurants’ fates.

Rodriguez also said the owners of those two restaurants would be denied the ability to regain their restaurant licenses but could appeal to get them back.

The other four restaurants were given lesser penalties, though, for similar but critical food-safety violations.

Dairy Queen was to be closed for two days for violations on proper food storage and sewage issues.

El Huarache Veloz was to be closed for one day for food-safety violations.

Westgate Import Market and Black Olive both were to be monitored closely during the next few months for food-safety violations.

If you would like to file a restaurant complaint with the board of health, call the city’s call center at 614-645-3111 or go to http://www.decadeonline.com/main.phtml?agency=COL.

You also can search inspection results at http://www.decadeonline.com/main.phtml?agency=COL.




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