Missouri Focuses on Food Safety

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JEFFERSON CITY - Officials met Tuesday and Wednesday for the Governor's Summit on Food Safety.

The two-day summit focused on current issues and possible improvements to Missouri's food industry. More than 170 people from around the state and nation attended the event.

Mary Glassburner is a representative for the Department of Health and Senior Services. She says consumers are more concerned than ever about food safety.

"Food is something that everyone has everyday so food safety is certainly important. I think consumers are more aware of food safety issues and safety of food in our state," Glassburner said.

Recent food recalls like peanut butter products, spinach and cookie dough caused world-wide concerns. The recalls also encouraged Missouri officials to take a closer look at Missouri's current food safety laws.

Glassburner said Missouri hasn't changed it's basic food regulations since the 1950s.

The summit brought together health officials, consumer advocates, farmers, ranchers and food industry representatives.

"The goal is to bring together stakeholders of food safety: federal government, state government, local government, consumer advocates and scholars to look at food safety issues in the state and across the nation," Glassburner said.

Mary Fandrey is a representative for the Department of Health and Senior Services, she said Gov. Nixon has taken a strong interest in protecting Missouri's consumers and food industry.

Fandrey says the Department of Health and Senior Services will release a report including issues and possible improvements discussed at the summit.

: Erica Coghill
Reported by: Christine Fillmore
Written by: Christine Fillmore


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