Yushchenko says former ally pressured him into attending dinner where poisoning took place

2008-07-28 20:07:20 -

Source of Article:  http://www.pr-inside.com/yushchenko-says-former-ally-pressured-him-r726020.htm


KIEV, Ukraine (AP) - The Ukrainian president says a former political ally pressured him into attending a dinner in 2004 at which he says he was poisoned.
Viktor Yushchenko is accusing David Zhvania of involvement in his poisoning.
He said Monday that he did not want to go to the dinner but was persuaded by Zhvania. At


the time Yushchenko was an opposition presidential candidate. He became gravely ill and was later diagnosed by experts with dioxin poisoning.
Zhvania denies Yushchenko's accusations and disputes that Yushchenko was poisoned with dioxin. Instead he says Yushchenko suffered regular food poisoning.
A four-year investigation ended this month without tangible results.

Zhvania is a member of the pro-Yushchenko parliamentary faction.


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