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Source of Article:  Food Irradiation Update (August 2008)


"After changes in meat regulation dropped recall amounts from 23 million pounds in 2002 to only 181,900 pounds in 2006, 39 million pounds of E. coli tainted meat has been recalled since the spring of 2007. The numbers have just shot up in the last year,” says Marler, “and so have illnesses. If this was a serial killer — which, actually, it is — every resource in this country would have been mobilized against it. Nothing less is acceptable.”

Bill Marler, MarlerClark, Attorney at Law


"Irradiation has been touted as a safe way to decontaminate fresh produce, but many people objected to the treatment as unsafe. But the serious illnesses and even deaths that result from the problem is worth exploring irradiation and other treatments further, to do less will only continue to endanger the public".

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