Australia: Lawsuit Claims Salmonella at Fast Food Restaurant Responsible For Girl's Brain Damage

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Monday, August 03, 2009

The unsanitary practices of staff at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Australia could have led to a young girl becoming brain damaged after she ate a Chicken Twister, according to a lawsuit that is being heard in court.

Monika Samaan was 7-years-old when she collapsed and was rushed to hospital with salmonella poisoning after eating the Twister, which she bought in October 2005 from a KFC in Villawood, which is located in Sydney's west Australia.

Her parents are seeking more than $10 million in damages from the local arm of the chain store, Yum! Restaurants Australia after the illness developed into acquired spastic quadriplegia and she acquired profound intellectual disability and liver dysfunction.

In his opening address to the court, the family’s lawyer, Tony Bartley, said there was little doubt Monika's illness was caused by salmonella on the chicken she ate.

By manning different work stations, the staff could easily have transferred bacteria from raw chicken to the cooked product, he added.

"If the store was particularly busy, if chicken was dropped on the floor near the burger station, it would on some occasions simply be put back," Bartley said.

He also said a 16-year-old working at the shop would give evidence that part of his job was to remove "feathers, blood and foreign objects from the chicken before it was cooked."

The court hearing continues.


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