Food safety organization becoming vocal in Turkey

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There is an organization called the Turkish Food Safety Association (GGD), and it's out there making a lot of noise for food safety and security in Turkey.



GGD Chairman Samim Saner, speaking to Today's Business, stressed the urgency of raising awareness in society about the risk of unhealthy foods available on the market. He explained his organization's mission as to organize, direct and expand awareness of safety issues regarding food, from processing to consumption.

Saner said that his association operated primarily through a voluntary sharing platform working through social participation and for the benefit of the community. He expressed hope that the association would gather all companies large and small and enlist the aid of leading experts and relevant government agencies under the roof of the GGD to promote food safety.

"The GGD, recognized as a food safety authority in the government, manufacturers and consumer triangle, engages in training, public campaigns and promotions," Saner said. He added: "The GGD is actively working with international bodies addressing food safety on the global agenda."



17 August 2008, Sunday





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