Safety testing by food industry in Canada started since March, report says

Maple Leaf Foods plant involved in massive recall remains closed


By Ann Bagel Storck on 8/27/2008


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Canadian processor Maple Leaf Foods postponed reopening the Toronto facility involved in an outbreak of listeriosis linked to deli meats that has killed six people.

The company, which had planned to open the plant Tuesday, now expects to do so on Thursday, according to published reports. Maple Leaf wants extra time to complete additional equipment disassembly and further tests. The processor has recalled more than 200 products produced at the plant, making it one of the largest food recalls ever in Canada.

Earlier this week, the Public Health Agency of Canada said there have been 26 confirmed cases of the outbreak strain of listeria, including the six deaths for which listeriosis was definitively the cause. Another 29 cases are under investigation, and PHAC expects additional cases to surface over the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, the Saskatchewan-based Merchant Law Group filed a class-action lawsuit against Maple Leaf, and hundreds of consumers joined the action within hours. A senior lawyer with the firm said if the case is won, total compensation could exceed hundreds of millions of dollars.



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