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Source of Article: Food Irradiation Update (September 2008)



"In the age of organic food chic, critics may not relent easily, but consumers may soon relieve the suspense. The same arguments and hyperventilation once greeted the introduction of pasteurization for dairy products, now the rule in every American grocery store. Over the past 50 years, the U.S. has cut foodborne illness in half -- and the FDA's latest move (to approve irradiation of spinach and iceberg lettuce) will reduce those numbers further.

Wall Street Journal Editorial


"And all the while, the (beef) industry admits all its work is unlikely to ever add up to the kill step that irradiation provides....Cattlemen's organizations and processors all say they're behind irradiation with policies of support on their books that they trot out when queried but they continue to hide behind the skirt that consumers won't accept irradiation. A wealth of research, however, shows that with education 85% of consumers will embrace the technology. Still, the industry dithers, hems and haws over the other 15% many of them likely non-meat eaters".

Joe Roybal, Editor; BEEF Magazine


" Outbreaks continue. This year, we have had E. coli outbreaks from romaine lettuce in Washington and millions of pounds of ground beef recalled in several states. Both outbreaks could have been prevented by irradiation. It may be late, but let's applaud the FDA. Now it's time for the food industry to protect our children by routinely irradiating ground beef, lettuce and spinach."

Harry Hull, MD; Former Minnesota State Epidemiologist



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