Study: lettuce roots probably don't absorb E. coli

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Article Launched: 09/11/2008 09:44:57 AM PDT

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MONTEREY, Calif.óResearchers say lettuce and other leafy greens do not seem to absorb a deadly E. coli pathogen through water applied to the roots.

Scientists are releasing results of the first major study on E. coli transmission since the 2006 spinach outbreak that killed three people and sickened 200 others.

Michael Doyle of the University of Georgia told 300 lettuce industry executives Thursday that absorption "may not be a big issue." Others scheduled to speak in Monterey will address potential contamination during processing of bagged salad mix.

Officials of industry leader Chiquita Fresh Express say they paid $2 million to nine research teams to protect the $2.8 billion industry from another outbreak.




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