No contamination in NZ infant formula - authority

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No contamination of infant formula that has killed two babies and made more than 1200 others ill in China has been found in New Zealand, the Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) says.


The melamine-contaminated Chinese infant formula was sold by New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra's Chinese joint venture partner, Sanlu.


The NZFSA has been testing all infant formula on sale in New Zealand following the reports from China of problems with babies suffering kidney disease after taking the infant formula.


NZFSA deputy chief executive Sandra Daly said today that no contamination had been found in the first 72 results from tests of infant formula sold on the New Zealand market.


"This is a serious event in China and we know that some parents here in New Zealand might also be concerned.


"We have no reason to believe that any of this product is in New Zealand but have acted immediately as a precautionary measure."


Ms Daly said that the NZFSA planned to test all brands and classes as quickly as possible, but recognised that there may be some that were not picked up immediately.


"As these come to light we will add them to our test programme and publish the results."


Ms Daly said New Zealand imported only very small amounts of conventional dairy products such as milk, milk powder and cheese from China, but the NZFSA was also looking at other processed foods where dairy ingredients might be a significant component.


"Any product lines identified as containing Chinese dairy product as a significant ingredient will be targeted for testing." 9-15-08



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